Sat. Sep 19th, 2020
Helo friends, if u guys suffering from dark scares and spots on your beautiful face then u have to take a some care for your skin and avoid to go directly in sun light and for reducing this scares you have to follow this simple steps 
                                                   lighten your dark spots


How they happen:Can you still see the scars from a childhood bike accident that gouged your knees? Here why: Scars are the result of damage to the skin’s collagen and elastin, Sobel says. The trauma can be caused by surgery, injury, even severe acne. 
Skin solution: If the scars are very old then  you’ll have to just live with them. But you can diminish them when they’re new less than a year old.


Scars that are thin Or flat or white and tissue paper-like can sometimes be treated with a Fraciel laser, which pokes small holes in your skin. 

Tips :+1

Now u can take some coco powder, sandel powder, rose water, Alovera jel, tomato juice and mix it very well and apply your face 15 minutes.
Then wash it.
Really guys if u have a temporary spot and scares then u get a awesome result after using this.  
And never go outside without using suncream it is protect your skin from UV ray.
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