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                multani mud make your skin healty and shining

Multani mitti is not a new word, it has been used for centuries for the beauty of the skin and the beauty of the hair. To get natural beauty is used as Multani mitti Face Pack. The important thing is that Multani mitti is very easily available and its use is also very easy. In today’s article you will learn about the advantages of Multani mitti Face Pack and the loss of Multani mitti.
Mud facial mask of woman in spa salon. Massage with clay full face in therapy room. Female lying wooden spa bed. Applying beautician with bowl therapeutic procedure on green plants background.
                                                                       applying Multaani mitti face pack, the flexibility of facial skin is also removed, as well as removal of excess oil from the skin. Because, due to the presence of most oily skin, problems like nail creams are born. Tanning can also be reduced by multani mitti due to the strong sunlight. So let us understand under this article that how Multaani mitti should be applied on face as face pack so that diagnosis is found in all skin related problems.


      Multani mitti face pack Ingredient

2spoon – multani mitti powder(earth clay).

1spoon – fresh Curd (dahi)

3drops of lemon juice

Mix all these together and make a coating and apply it on a clean face like a face pack. Wash the face pack after drying with clean and cold water. And remember that after wearing any face pack and after washing, have a good moisturizer on the face.

you must be appying this face pack 3 times in a week .

                            multani mitti benifits.

Every girl wants to get glowing and embarrassing skin. Multani mitti face pack is a very easy way to get the skin glowing.
it makes your skin shining and glossy.
it helps to be your skin healthy and attractive.


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