5 way that you will find you relationship with a wrong person

Love is a one of great feeling in this world you never feel alone if you love someone by heart that a feeling of true love. there is lots of way to find your partner he cheated you or not.

but some people show love to her partner and show her ‘he love her true’ but inside they love someone else and he want make her happy and want forget other she.

A love never see anything like you are not pretty or your color black and something else that not true love.

true love always want your time and your love, love believe in faith not money and fame.

1- They don’t accept you like you now, they try to change yourself

love is like a magic it don’t care what public say about you and you don’t want to loose your partner if your love was true.

if he/ she love’s you real so they will accept you as what you now because they love your soul not your lifestyle.

If he love you true then there is no need for changing your self and he always respect you whatever what your are but your love is true he accepted you in any condition.

2- understanding problems in relationships

understanding is one the key that make your relationship long term if a relationship has good understanding that will had long life relationship.

If a relationship has good understanding that could be long but one of partner don’t want make this relationship long term that mean is this relationship not no longer.

3- your arguement level

What is love, it’s not a game it’s a connection of two hearts and two souls if you can not handle love please do not love someone.

If you and your love mate fight each other by just little arguing that mean you don’t want run this relationship anymore.

If you argue any matter that mean you could not stay with each other.

4- never be in relationship with self talker

A relationship is bond that make you stronger when you talk every time but you talk so long you could be limit.

Talking with your partner make your relationship stronger and make your feel free each other understanding and make strong bond but your partner not talk with you for long time that mean this relationship could be fake.

5- See future with her/him this is a sign

love is a best feeling but your partner do nothing for their future than is love could be poission for you just like take a wrong step in your life that could ruined your future and that could be wrong step in your life.

you love is not temparailly because you need to secure your future for spend best future with your love one and make your family secure just make your bright future with love partner.

try to make your future secure to do hard work and make sure your love is more important then you future but without future your love does not exist.

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