Wedding Ceremony on New Year Eve


Wedding Fonts :

wedding fonts

wedding fonts

Everyone wants their wedding event to be flawless and this can be definitely achieved with great planning and preparation. The main element of wedding planning is no doubt selecting the best wedding invitation. Nowadays, wedding invitations can be personalized and modified to a great level. But choosing the right wedding font in the wedding invitations is very important.

Here are some tips that can help you choose the apt wedding font for your wedding invitation: Pick a wedding font that matches your wedding theme. Example- If you are preparing for a beach or island wedding, select a font that bears a resemblance to waves or ocean. If your wedding idea is modern, use a clean contemporary wedding fonts whereas if your wedding incorporates classic themes, opt for a traditional and elegant wedding font. At times, certain special wedding fonts cost more compared to the generic fonts whose costs are included in the total pricing. Hence check the pricing before you decide on the design for your wedding invitation.

If multiple wedding fonts are used, it takes the looks of the wedding invitation to an ultimate level. But make sure your name, date, time, place etc. are easily readable. Also, many a times multiple fonts may increase the cost of the wedding invitation, so cross-check before finalizing your order. Surf the web for great font ideas. There are numerous websites that allow you to download superb wedding fonts for free while some sites sell stylish wedding fonts at a small cost. Get a wedding font designed by a graphic designer.

This is undeniably the most classy and most expensive option, but can help you get a perfect wedding font just the way you and your partner wanted it to be. Do not wait till the eleventh hour to start searching for your wedding fonts and invitations. It can take a several weeks or even months to have your wedding invitations dispatched to you. You should also send out the invitations early to your guests such that they have sufficient time to make plans and respond to you. In case you are going for a destination wedding that needs extensive invitations, you have to send them out even sooner Your wedding invitations are vital because they give out significant details about your wedding to your guests.

These wedding invitations should exhibit the inner interests and likes of you and your partner; therefore be specific and careful about the wedding font you choose. Do not leave this aspect to the last minute. When you pick your wedding invitation, you set the stone rolling for your entire wedding. If you make a great wedding font selection, the stage is already geared up for a great wedding day.

Wedding colors On the Eve Of New Year


Every wedding has a theme and the success of the wedding depends not on the cake, invitations or the venue of the reception but on the wedding theme. Wedding colors is an important aspect that has to go with the theme of your wedding. The first and foremost step in the direction of choosing your wedding colors depends on the wedding location. You have to fix the venue and then decide on the colors. The type of venue will be the deciding factor for the wedding colors. Say for example in a country club, you can use a nautical blue, whereas a more rusty setting can have earthly tones as wedding colors. Choose the wedding colors that appeal most to you. You can take a look at the art galleries or scan a number of wedding magazines.

A country style of wedding can have yellow and brown as wedding colors. For a navy wedding, it can be red stripes and nautical blue. If there are several rooms in the venue of the wedding, then you can have a theme for each separate room to have different ambiances. After you have narrowed down your choice of wedding colors, you will be able to decide on the appropriate wedding colors. If you are unable to decide on one particular color, then try mixing colors. Wedding colors can also be a combination of several colors.  They have to blend perfectly. Certain elements of a wedding are greatly affected by colors.


These have been listed below:

The wedding dress is white, however if the bride desires to make her gown look more gorgeous, she can select from among her wedding colors. The dresses of the bridesmaids are always in wedding colors. The wedding invitations are a reflection of wedding colors. The invitation must bring in the mood that you would love to evoke on your special day. The flowers must be in the wedding colors.

The cake must be in the wedding colors. The colors for the wedding cake are an element that is the easiest to manipulate when it comes to colors. The wedding colors sets in the mood of the event. Try out colors depending on the mood that you wish to evoke on your wedding day. It could be active or romantic or vibrant. Choose the wedding colors depending on the mood. Thus wedding colors are extremely significant and the wedding will look gorgeous if the colors are appropriate with the mood of the wedding. It is more important than the cake, dress or even the venue. As soon as you start planning, decide on the wedding colors fast. This will make the planning streamlined and easy. Your personality will reflect on your choice of colors. So be very careful while choosing wedding colors.  The wedding will be appreciated if the colors are perfectly matching with the spirit of the wedding party.

Wedding Bouquet on New Year Eve


Wedding always comes with happiness, anxious, worries, upset, and many other feelings being mix up in both couples along with their families due to the preparation and all the hassle things. But it has a different feel on the eve of New Year. Having a marriage when the whole world is celebrating New Year is simple awesome.

When it comes to the wedding bouquet, people will have their own choice. People look for some wedding bouquet ideas both online and simply by flipping some fashion magazines that will facilitate them in determining the perfect wedding bouquet for the wedding. As a matter of fact, those wedding bouquet ideas you may discover on the eve of New Year may inspire you to create your own one of a kind wedding bouquet for your very special day.

In general, wedding bouquet should be in harmony with the wedding dress. Consider some things such as the kinds of flowers to create a bouquet such as rose, tulip, stephanotis, lily of the valley, daisy, hydrangea, hyacinth and orchid. These are widely used in the making of some awesome bouquet.

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