Happy Valentine’s Day 2016 wishes for wife in 140 characters



Happy valentine’s day to you. The other half of a man is his wife and this Valentine’s Day makes her feel that by doing something for her. You can give her gifts; do something personal for her by your own. Make some card and write some beautiful words for her that represents your love and affection to her. Tell her something sweet and original to her. However if you are not good at words than we will help you, you are at the correct place for the beautiful words. Here we have a good large collection of everything that is related to love and romance. This valentines day tell her how much you she is adorable to you. She is the one who takes care of you, your house, kids, etc. If she is working then still she is doing something great to the society. Here you will find love quotes, valentine day wishes, messages, tips and ideas for making her love feel more loved and cherished.

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140 character Valentine ’s Day love quotes for Wife


You have always believed in me that is why I am able to face life with so much courage. It is hard to become a family man, but with you beside me, it becomes fun and easier. Happy Heart’s Day!
I love every inch of you. You are the woman that I am going to grow old with.
Thank you for attending to all of our needs. I know you are tired and yet you still manage to look great and relaxed. You are a superwoman. I love you!
You have given me beautiful kids. They are proof of how much we love each other. I thank you for that.

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Will you marry me…again? I love to do it over and over again to refresh that special day when you accepted me to be your husband. It was such a nice feeling. I love you!
I will not feel the happiness if I haven’t met you. I would be incomplete without you. I will feel the emptiness if not because of your presence. Thank God you came in my life because I am who I am now because of you.
With your love I am satisfied. With your kiss I am caressed. What else can I ever ask for? You are the one that I love.
Life won’t be the same without you. I feel so sad whenever we are not together. I cannot eat, sleep, and smile. You are my life and forever you’ll be.


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