“Valentine week List 2016″ Full Day Wise Schedule and Day Sheet

Full Valentine week List
Full Valentine week List

Valentine Week List

All what you Need To Know about a “Valentine week”

People who are in love or were in some part their life knows pretty well “Valentine week” the best romance week. Why? Because everyone says this and found love making. This week is probably the best for you too with the only condition you have a girl or is in a good relationship. The article is written in the male perspective, though it is applicable for females too.

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Here is the Valentines week all about and you need to know so not to get confused and seen with the frowning expression from your girl.

February 7- Rose day

The rose day is the first day of the valentine’s week. This is a day you offer rose to your lady and it’s a sweet gesture to start the week with the rose. This day shows, you are romantic feeling for her. If this day also prepares you for the next day too. How? Read more

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February 8- Propose day

She has accepted your rose then it is high time to propose her – it’s the propose day and you like more likely to be accepted. It’s crucial day of the Valentine week. If it goes well, you can celebrate you’re your whole week and if not you better go for a vacation with your mates you are sailing the same boat with you.

February 9- chocolate day

A marketing technique by the manufactures of “Chocolate”, this is what I feel. But it’s a good it’s a pretty good idea to offer the chocolate to you girl. Every girl love to have chocolate in one or more forms. An advantage of chocolate for you – Its aphrodisiac and ball is in your court. Get her a box of chocolate and make her mood.

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February 10 -Teddy Day

Girls love cuddly things. A small child, a puppy, stuffed toys, etc. are some of the kind in the list. 10 February is dedicated to their earnest desire and teddy is the one who has this opportunity to be get cuddled this day. Buy her a teddy and show that you appreciate her desire. One tip here- Bigger and fluffy, the better it is.

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February 11- Promise Day

It’s time for the commitment. You have enjoyed previous days being romantic. Now she wants you to get serious and promise for to be together for the lifelong. Treat her well and love her every day the rest of the life.

Promise her to be with her. If you are truly into her then what’s the wrong in making promise right? Show some dedication. This day actually filters the bad and the good guys.


February 12 – Hug Day

Ahh!  You have survived with the Promise day. It’s time to hug her and feel cherished. On 12 Feb, become her teddy, embrace her, take her in your arms and hold her passionately. This is what people do and what you should do to. Hold on if you are going any further why? Because it’s not the perfect day, why? Check out below.

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February 13 – Kiss Day

Number 13 is usually considered as unlucky but 13 Feb is probably the luckiest day for people in love. And for those who just got committed for the first time in their life. It’s the kiss day. You can kiss your girl   without making her feel embarrassed. Though learn how to kiss passionately if you are a beginner.

She has got a good kisser, let her know that.

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14 February- Valentine Day

14 February is what is known as the day for romance in real sense. There is history for it and it is the sweet climax of the valentine week. Enjoy with her by the best way you can. Learn some tips to make her feel special and loved.

Do something loving that she would remember for the rest of her life.

Happy “Valentine’s Day” to you.

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