“Valentine-Day” – How it is celebrated in different parts of World

Happy Valentines day
Happy Valentines day

Happy Valentines day

 Valentine’s Day Celebration in different parts of the World

Valentine day as you all know signifies the essence of love, and how it is an embedded part of our lives. Valentine day conceived as an European tradition but now it has become a worldwide phenomenon. Part credit goes to love and part goes to the Chocolate giants like Cadbury and rest goes to pre-established notions about love in cultures of different countries. Let us go through how various nations celebrate Valentine day and what were their indigenous ways of celebrating love.


Valentine’s Day in China

In China valentine day is not celebrated as such on February 14, but they have their own alternative for Valentine Day, known as Qi-Xi in Simplified Chinese which means The Night Of Sevens, celebrated on 7th day of 7th Month of Chinese Calendar.

Chinese legends has it that cowherd star and Weaver maid star separated by Milky Way galaxy are allowed to meet only on 7th day of 7th month of Chinese Calendar.


V- Day celebration in India

In ancient India there was a tradition of celebrating ‘Kaamdev’, God of Love. He was considered as the god of love and fertility. Many engravings on Khajuraho temples in Madhya Pradesh in India have various positions on making love. These were the basis of Kamasutra (Formulas of Making Love).

In modern India few are there who revere Kaamdev, as it is considered inappropriate by many right as well as left wingers to express love publicly.

But after the globalization in 90s more and more people are opting out of this parochial mindset. They are now much more open in expressing love. Valentine day is celebrated now with the same zeal as it is in the west. One of the most important reason for popularity of Valentine’s day is the marketing of Valentine’s Day. For Indian youth, it is their hot favorite time.


Valentines Day in Brazil

In Brazil, Love is expressed during Dia Dos Namorados (Lover’s Day), on June 12 before Saint Anthony’s day. The tradition of celebrating February 14 as Valentine’s day is not popular, because Valentine’s day falls near the Brazilian Carnival.


V- Day in Philippines

Valentine’s Day is celebrated as “Araw ng mga Puso” (Hearts day) in Phillipines. It is celebrated in the similar manner to the Western Countries.


How Valentine’s Day is celebrated in Japan

In Japan, a tad different version of Valentine is celebrated on June 7. It is based on Lover’s story called Tanabata. It has been celebrated for centuries.

The concept of valentine’s was put forth in Japan by Mozoroff Ltd, a chocolate company, in 1936. In 1953, it began promoting the gifting of heart shaped chocolates.

In Japan, gifts like Candies, Flowers or Dinner dates are usually not given.


St. Valentine’s Day celebration in South Korea

In South Korea women give Chocolate to men on 14th Feb and Men give Chocolate to Women on March 14 (White Day). In an interesting tradition on April 14, those who didn’t get any gifts goes to a Chinese-Korean Restaurant to have black noodles to lament their being single.


Valentine’s Day in Taiwan

A slight difference between Korean and Taiwanese tradition of celebrating Valentine’s day is that In Taiwan, the men gift women on Valentine’s Day and Women gift men on White day (14th March).


Most of the European countries celebrate Valentine’s Day as their western counterparts do on 14th February. In many countries, Valentine’s Day is not celebrated as it is believed not to be in conformation with the set religious views there.


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