Tips: 10 Ways To Flirt With A Boy This Valentine Over Text



When you know the correct way of flirting with a guy over texting, can be a lot of fun. There are many things you need to do and a lot many to avoid. You can fall him for you over simple texting.

1. How to flirt with a boy while texting him

You need to note one thing that while flirting you don’t overdo it and alone do all the flirting, else he will be in relaxed position and that’s the end. If you do all right you will know how much fun it is to flirt with a guy over texting.


2. Tell him you know him

When you tell a guy you know him or remembered him off the virtual world, he will take it as a compliment boosting his male Ego. This will compel him to think about you for some moments and make him feel warmer for the conversation. You can use following points to initiate the conversation

  • I just remembered what (fill something here that he did on respective social networking site) you did today and wanted to say it was hilarious/funny/kind etc.
  • I just saw you Facebook status and…

Suck kind of starters work well when it comes to guys. You can also use any another incident that is worth discussing


3. Use funny smiling stickers

Smiley faces add charms and fun to boring text messages. Use “winks” a lot when saying something flirty.  Use other stickers that fit on the correct message. You can also add images from you pc or mobile phone which are new inducing smile on his face. The secret here is timing.  Make sure it goes with the correct text. You can make a folder of your funny images (take help form Google Images) with a compressed version.

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4. Arouse him subtlety

You don’t have to talk dirty directly to him instead just compel him to think dirty and naughty. Say You just had a shower or trying a new dress. Telling what you are doing at the moment is a good way to make him think dirty without actually talking dirty.


5. While Texting Him, use his Name

When you use the name in a chat makes it more personal and intimate. The sweetest voice to ears is the name of the listener.  It goes well over texting. When you are complimenting or saying something cute use, address his name. You can also use any pet name and use it frequently. He will fall for you.


6. Be Mysterious to him

Don’t explain everything what you have just texted and justify it all the time. Instead when he didn’t get what you say, change the topic. Moderation is the key here. Don’t overdo it as it will leave him in dilemma whether you are interesting or irritating. Compel him to concentrate on chat and what have you just said and what you mean. Let him narrate the story in his head. Note: It should be related to him.

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7. Don’t flirt in usual manner

Don’t make him know you are flirting with him. If he got you easily, he will lose interest or start flirting with you straight. The conversation in this case can last for long only if you both are interested. Totally upto you, We don’t want him to flirt with you instead you are the one who wants to get flirty here.

Chances of getting bored are more and we are not learning here that right?


8. Don’t exhibit desperation

Guys are smart to know what you really want in case of showing desperation. Don’t be so, don’t reveal your interest to meet him. Girls mostly through cold water by asking “there is this new film, want to go?” “how about a dinner?”. You display a ‘Despo’ character and he will lose interest in you. Only use such texts when you are sure he likes you and such ideas would make him go crazy

10. Give him genuine compliments

Guys love girls who are true in complimenting. They love your sweet talks. When you compliment him how nice and sweetheart he is, he will strive to become sweeter to you. Boys are not stray dogs kindly make a note of that. They want your sincerity. If you consider this point in your text chat, he will do nice things to you. You will have a good text conversation and off the virtual world too.

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