Story Behind Valentine’s Day and Reason for Valentine’s Day Celebration

Valentine's day


When we hear the world Valentine the eyes normally widen up, the pupil dilates and the beautiful smile automatically conjures on most people’s faces. Valentine word itself is so enchanting and blissful.

Valentine’s Day – The day for the lovers and time to show up. People who are already in a relationship to express the how they are in love to their beloved.

Almost every person in almost every country is aware of the Valentine’s Day and if someone’s not then Alas! And pities are the world for the ignorant ones.

However not many are aware of the reason for the celebration go Valentine’s Day. So here is the description

Valentine's  day

Valentine day


Valentine’s Day History

Saint Valentine’s Day is also known as Valentine’s Day or the feast of Saint Valentine. This day is celebrated all over the world on 14Feb though it is not a proclaimed as official holiday. St. Valentine day in the early time began as devotional celebration of the Christian Saint whose name was Valentines.

Myriad stories are related for the celebration of the Valentine’s Day belonging to 14 Feb. Out of them the most popular and widely accepted is the story of the Valentine of the Rome. He was imprisoned by the then law for performing wedding ceremonies of the soldiers who were not allowed to marry under the Roman Empire.

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The Legend states that during his imprisonment, He healed the daughter of his jailer naming Asterius. The classic further states that during his execution he wrote a love letter to her with the signed “Your Valentine” as a farewell. He was martyred about 496 AD and buried on Via Flaminia. The relic of Saint Valentine was kept in the church in Rome and was a pilgrim during the mid-ages for many people. Then those were transferred to the Church Of Santa Prassesde. He was buried on the 14 Feb, legends say.

Today, in his memory, Saint Valentine’s Day is an official feast day in the Anglian Communion as well as in the Lutheran Church.

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