Simple yet effective ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day

young man giving piggyback ride
 young man giving piggyback ride

Happy young man giving piggyback ride

Methods you can use to enjoy Valentine’s Day with your Lover

Sometimes we don’t have to spend lot money and invest time in extravagant ceremonies. Mere simple wits can do wonder and brings immense pleasure to your loved one. Here we have some simple ways that you can celebrate Valentine’s Day yet they are effective to make your ‘someone’ feel special and loved and cared.

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1. Make a DIY homemade card for your love

The homemade card is more special and more touching for the people. When we do some efforts and invest our time in simple card making, that adds more meaning and deeper love to the lover. Just grab some papers, scissors, glue, colors and go for it. Even if you are not an artist, irregular heart shapes and drawing will imparts a unique profound love by you to your ‘someone special’.

Try to use your own words or if you are not efficient playing with words just read our Love quotes and wishes. We though recommend you to add or modify them according to your lover or situation. In the cards, describe the person you are giving it to. Make a note of appreciation into it. You can add a little copyrighted symbol on the back of the card adding more flavor to it. It would be fun, go and try it.


 2. Spend quality time with the lover

People in love want good quality time from the lover. It’s the earnest feeling and a strong desire (women complain from men for that the most).

What you need to decipher is that get rid of your laptops, phone and friends for a single day. Cuddle with your significant other on a sofa and watch a romantic movie of common interest, its old yet truly effective.


 3. Candy , chocolates and sweets for love

If you are a teen and your girl is your classmate from the school, get some sugary sweets in the heart shapes with some sayings. You can make a chocolate recipe as they are simple. If you are not a cook don’t worry, it’s a win situation. Chocolate tastes good in any form (make sure it’s not coal).

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4. The traditional enchanting Red “Rose”

Red is hot so as the rose for kindling the fire of love. It’s a convention to propose with the red rose on the Valentine day. If you already have a lover doesn’t worry it would still help you in rekindling the love that you are wanting. What you need to do is express your words with a rose.

5. Don’t have a partner on Valentine day

If you are alone and still wants to enjoy Valentine day. Go for it and yes you can enjoy it all alone too. In this category there are actually two cases: don’t have a partner or you have one but that is far from you.

Both the case people need to relax with a spa or hot bubble bath. Take out your car and go for a long drive and enjoy the beauty that nature has bestowed ton us. If too icy outside, grab some red wine order something that complement with it, lit up the fireplace and enjoy.

Remember: Happiness is within.

Hope you liked the post. Let us know your views. Share your ideas and tips with us and our readers.


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