Rose Day- What to look for while gifting Roses?

Abstract Red Rose, shiny red rose
Abstract Red  Rose, shiny red rose

Abstract Red Rose

Rose Day- Reason Behind and Significance of Different Colored Roses

Most of us are familiar with the fact that the beginning of valentine week is with the tradition of exchanging roses with your love interest. In a way or two, it is a fantastic start to the festival of love, as Roses are mostly adored by girls and boys alike, barring those who are allergic to flowers and secondly different colors of roses symbolize different feelings towards the one you are gifting the rose

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Let’s begin with a brief introduction to Rose day and then we will move on to the DO’s and DONTS while gifting roses to someone who may be a love interest, a friend or a dear one.

Though the mass popularity of Roses, especially red roses, begins with the Victorian era where people were fond of these flowers. But the history of rose as a love symbol dates back to the period of Cleopatra, around 30 BC. Around 13th or 14th century AD St. Valentine’s Day, love and flowers all became inter-related. But the real surge in the popularity of roses as a symbol of love came in 16th century after literary legends like Shakespeare and his contemporaries made roses as a symbol of love in various verses and idioms of their legendary creations.

One of the reasons why 14th February is celebrated as Lover’s day is the Play, Hamlet, by Shakespeare in which Ophelia bemoans Valentine’s day. And since then no love is complete without Roses and out of the 7 days dedicated to love, the first one became Rose day.

That told; now let’s acquaint ourselves about various colors of roses and whom to gift them.

Red Roses

Red roses symbolize love and romance. They are best suited to gift to your love interest.


Yellow Roses

Yellow roses stand for Friendship. You can give it to your best buddy and make him feel special this rose day. Yellow roses are also used as a ‘Get Well Soon’ message.

Pink Roses

Pink roses are to show gratitude towards somebody. It can be best gifted to somebody you found as an inspirational figure, like your parents or teachers.

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White roses are symbols of Peace, purity and spirituality. These are also sometimes symbolic of true love and are given mostly to honor departed one.

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Orange Roses

Orange roses stand for the desire, passion and enthusiasm. These are to be carefully gifted as they are meant to be given to someone you are passionate about.

Lavender Roses

Lavender roses are meant to delight somebody. Feel yourself lucky if you are ever presented one.

Now that you know what different colors of roses symbolize and which one to gift whom do gift your near and dear ones a rose on Rose day and tell them the story behind Rose Day. This way you can be the reason of their fond memory of Rose day.

Happy Rose Day.

 Post Credit: This post is written by Kuldeep Negi

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