Rose day: Tips and Ideas For Lovers

Beautiful Pink Roses
Beautiful Pink Roses

Bunch of Pink Roses

Rose day

A crimson rose is the trend of showing the ethereal love. No other option is there to show delicate beauty and strong passion for the love than the Rose. Valentine ‘s day is stepping to day by day and the feeling of love is kindling within though valentine’s day is definitely the only occasion to celebrate love though.

The rose day is the first day marking the beginning of the Valentine week. It is the day as the name symbolizing the day people offer rose to their significant.  Sole purpose is to make them feel special and convey the message which words fail to frame.

Rose day is the 7th day of February. Other days follows as:

8th Feb- Propose Day

9th Feb- Chocolate Day

10th Feb – Teddy Day

11th Feb- Promise Day

12th Feb – Hug Day

13th Feb – Kiss Day

14th Feb – Valentine’s Day

Rose Day Ideas for Your Love

  1. A bunch of fresh fragranced Roses is the best gift for the love on the day. Bare roses are not what he/she is expecting from you. Good way of offer roses on this day is to send some sweet romantic quote, message, poem or greeting is considered decency.
  1. Take her out and shower some rose petals on her. Don’t forget to plan it before. Take help from your friend and make it successful.
  2. If you are willing to give her some gifts along rose then Necklace, earrings, a ring would be wonderful. Don’t give her something that you usually give her. Remember: it doesn’t have to be expensive, simple jewelry with abstract design would be enough to reveal your love and affection for her.
  1. For your boyfriend tickets to sports, adventure trip and some gadget will be cool.
  1. If you are in long distance relationship than ecards, a lovely video with the pictures depicting the time you both enjoyed altogether will make the day of your other half.

It’s important to know the roses with different colors symbolizes. Have a look on the following list:

  • White Rose- It shows True love, purity of mind and deep respect.
  • Pink rose- It represents grace, gentle feelings of love.
  • Dark Pink Rose – Shows gratitude. If you feel she or he has done something great to you and you feel in debt then you know what to do.
  • Light Pink- It symbolizes admiration and sympathy.
  • Pink and white Rose- Joy and contentment
  • Yellow Rose – Friendship
  • Yellow with red Tip Rose- Friendship and falling in love.
  • Lilac Rose- It displays love at first site and enchantment
  • Red Rose – Love and passion, the one for your true lover.
  • Red and white Together – Unity
  • Coral Rose- Desire
  • Peach Roses- Desire , excitement and appreciation
  • Burgundy Roses- showing Beauty
  • Blue Roses- Attraction and mystery
  • Orange- Enthusiasm and desire
  • Purple- protection for the love
  • Orange- Enthusiasm and desire
  • Black – Need not day it’s a symbol of boycott and says its over!

Friends, when we are in love, every day is special. Celebrate each day as a special and in a unique way. Flowers are beautiful and have a different impact on the onlookers. Roses are the traditional way to say that you love and care to your other half.


















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