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You would love to read these Propose Day sms Shayari Wishes, Quotes and tips.
Signs to know he/she loves you. This blog post had everything that you will need in terms of Propose Day sayings, sms, Images wallpaper s, Proposal sms Text messages. There are also propose Shayari in Hindi English.

Since this is the second Day of Valentine Week, there are fairly good chances that  your man or lady would accept your proposal of love. Love is in the air and everybody can feel it.  Do have a look at the following best love proposal quotes and above mentioned list. Choose the one and send to someone you adore. Our well wishes are with you.


Proposal Text Sms Msg in English

  • However these are written in Women’s viewpoint but some points hold true for males too. Have a good read Enjoy! Happy Propose Day Fellas.
  • When I met you for the first time,I felt my soul kissing your soul. It felt as if we already knew each other…I love you..
  • LOVE is like a cloud, Love is like a dream, LOVE is 1 word and Everything in between. LOVE is a fairy tale come true Coz I found LOVE when I found U
  • We’ve known each other, For a long long time, But I never really noticed, All the magic in your eyes, I’ve been around you, A thousand times before, And you’ve always been a friend to me, But now I’m wanting more….think about it !

Happy Propose Day Shayari in English For Proposing

  • “I love you for everything that you say and do. I love you for the happiness I feel when you are beside me. Happy propose Day.
  • As days go by,my feelings get stronger, To be in your arms,I cant wait any longer.Look into my eyes & u’ll see that its true,Day & Night my thoughts r for U. Happy Propose Day.

Famous English Quotes on Proposal

  • At Athens, wise men propose, and fools dispose.
  • Just as I shall select my ship when I am about to go on a voyage, or my house when I propose to take a residence, so I shall choose my death when I am about to depart from life.


Proposal Sms Shayari in Bangla/ Bengali

  • Tumi Jemon Bolte Parbena Akashe Koto Tara Ase. Sagore Koto Fota Jol Ase. Thik Temni Kore Amio Bolte Parbona Amr Hridoye Tomar Jonno Koto Ta Valobasha Joma Royece.Happy Propose Day Dear


  • Amar Vabona Bole”I Miss You”. Amar Mon Bole “I Love You”. Amar Chokh Bole “I See You”. Amar Hridor Bole “I Like You”. R Amar SmS Bole “I Need You”.Happy Propose Day Dear

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Propose Day Shayari in Hindi

  • Unhe chahana hamari kamzori hai, Unse keh na pana hamari majboori hai, Wo kyun nahi samajhtey hamari khamoshi ko, Kya pyar ka izhaar karna zaruri hai


  • Jazbaat Mere Kahin Kuchh Khoye Huye Se Hain Kahu Kaise Who Tumse Thoda Sharmaye Huye Se Hain Par Aaj Na Rok Saku Ga Jazbato Ko Main Apne Karte Hain Pyar Hum Tumhi Se Par Ghabraye Se Huye Hain


Propose Day Marathi Images with sms Shayari

Marathi Love proposal shayari image


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Have a happy Propose day 2016 and Valentine’s Day in Advance.

1. He looks into your eyes when he talks to you: Here is where most liars give themselves up, if a man looks into your eyes when you are conversing with him that’s a sign he is paying full attention to you, this sign is all about body language. But this may not always apply, you don’t expect a man on the driving wheels to look into your eyes when you are talking to him, lol.  When a man turns his body towards you and look into your eyes while you are talking to him, its a great sign he cares about you and wanna find out more about what you are thinking.

2. He wants to know about you: if a man wants to know about your past not sexual alone, your dreams, your desires, your wants, what inspires and motivates you, what you love, that man wants the best for you, he probably wants to find out what is best for you, that’s a great sign he loves you.

3. He gives you cuddles and caresses: Its not always sexual when a man touches you, sometimes they wanna pass a message of how they think or feel about you by touching you, so ladies don’t always mistake it for sexual approaches when your man touches you, if he wants to grab your hands when he is walking with you, it’s also another sign he loves you and wanna be with you.

4. He comforts you when you have a bad time: Except a man is really into you, he may not exactly know how to make you feel better when you are having a bad time, so if you have developed that confidence you can turn to your man to feel better when you are having a bad time, then you may have a loving man in your hands. I am saying this because some men will infuriate at seeing you feeling moody, they expect you to always be happy like a robot programmed to always behave in a certain way.

5. He gives you best presents: A present doesn’t have to be expensive to be heartfelt. The best present could be a flower picked by the roadside, a candy,  an sms etc, provided it given at the appropriate time. The idea is that whenever he gives you a gift, whether expensive or little, its a gift that means something to you specially. he shows he loves you be being able to understand what you like and need at each point in time and being able to interpret it in the gifts he gives you.

6. He makes you feel special: When a man tries to make you feel special its a sign of how he feels about you, giving you compliments about how beautiful you look, is a sign of how he loves you, it may be a simple phone call, a simple sms, an email or even a formal love letter, that man is trying to convey his feelings about you.

7. He makes you meet his friends and wanna meet yours: Meeting friends is about wanting to be part of each other for a long time, if he wants to meet your friends and make you meet his, its a great sign this man want to be a part of you, he feels comfortable in the mist of your friends, make you feel important and relevant in the mist of his, be sure this man wants to be in your life for a long time.

8. He spends time with you: if your man always wanna spend time with you, treats you as his best friend, because best friends spend time always, if he doesn’t always wanna be with other people while you are with him, if he doesn’t give excuses to see you, if he enjoys being with you, share his thoughts, dreams and listen to yours, make you feel comfortable with him, then that man loves you.

9: He says he loves you: This is the most important of all the signs, it is the easiest thing to say “i love you” but if he says it when you are not expecting it, or says it first then he is trying to tell you how he truly feels about you. if he tells you he loves you only when he wants to get physically intimate with you, or tell you in reply as a result of you telling him you love him first, then that man may not deeply feel love for you, a man who truly loves you will always lead the way about how he truly feels about you. The best i love you i’ve once had wasn’t said with words, sometimes our behaviours around people we love says much more than i love you.

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