Happy New Year 2016 Sms Wishes in English

We all know that New Year 2016 has become the international festival that the whole world celebrates with great enthusiasm. Before we precede we all wish you all people out there Happy New Year 2016. We are here with some best Happy New Year Massages and Happy New year Quotes Sms 2016 in English.

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These New Year messages and quotes are some of the best messages for sharing on the eve of New Year. You can send these to your friends and loved ones who are far or near to you. When you send wishes and messages to your parents, relatives or friends- you make them happy.  This is actually a better way to make them feel that you care and pray for them. Now enough of the talk, let’s get started with the New wishes sms2016.

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New Year Tamil sayings

Telugu New Year Wishes 2016

Kannada New Year 2016 SMS Wishes

English is actually a West Germanic language that widely spoken in early medieval England. It has now become the global language with billions of English spoken people. It is good to note here that it is spoken by the first language by the countries like United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

According to the sources it is recognized as the third most common native language in the world. Considering all these in in mind we have collected liners, sms text wishes in English language so that the barrier between two different language speaking friends can wish on the day of New Year wish sms 2016.
Happy New Year sms wishes 2016 in English are:-

happy-new-year-messages-for-FB-2016 new-year-wishes-for-friends





Happy New Year 2016 Shayari Sayings Sms Images in Tamil Telugu

The recent heavy rains in Chennai from the last month has shattered the record of 100 years, and as a result, the life of the city has ground to a halt, leaving thousands of people homeless and at least 320 people deceased.

The visuals of the streets were with influx of water and the stranded people are making the headlines in the media these days.

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After the relentless rains, which slowed, the people were trying to return to their normal life, despite roads in many areas still water logged, major forms of services like telecommunications, train and roads have reinstated to a minute extent.

But after all these, the life still goes on. The New Year is ahead with the new opportunities and hopes. For the optimistic people, we have collected some best wallpapers wishes and Happy New Year 2016 Shayari sayings sms Images in Tamil Telugu. Share and spread the happiness all around. Cheer your friends and beloved.

Happy New Year Tamil 1


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The widespread calamity of the nature has not only resulted in scarcity, but the prices of the essentials commodities like Milk and Vegetables are shooting the sky. Aravin, a Tamil Nadu based milk producer’s union has taken steps to assure that there is adequate supply of milk.

The hapless people dispersed by the floods are tempted to become refugees in their abode, thus taking shelter in the buildings of the waterlogged areas of Kotturpuram, suburban Mudichur and Pallikkaranai.

One can easily find out the long queues outside the handful ATMs and petrol stations which are operating. The Tamil Nadu government has said that the fuel situation will be eased in the next couple of days. Banks in the state will remain open even on Sunday.

Till date more than 40,000 people have been evacuated from the deadly floods to safe places by the Indian Army along with thousands of rescuers after havoc rains in the coastal state.

Happy new year 2026 once again. Enjoy!

new year kannada 2016 images shayari

New Year Kannada SMS Shayari Wishes 2016

Once again with the introduction of another year 2016, I heartily wish all the visitors of to have good times all the day round the year in 2016 and to your family too. May you and your beloved live this year with good health and well-being.


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new year kannada 2016 images shayari

Traditional text sharing methods were replaced by modern social Medias and messenger apps. We are quite habitual of sending messages and greetings through Facebook for more than 10 years. Messages with the coming of new information technology grab a new trendy name. Tomorrow onward, when you wake up, feel and believe that this year will be the best year in your life and fill it with all the awesome dazzling memories. Thus you could achieve a new year with full of joy. Happy New Year 2016. You are going to open a book of your life with a blank notebook of 365 pages, just write it well.


Enjoy and cherish all your memories of the last year if they are good, and you had been through tough times or had bad memories then- let leave them behind and move on. The new days of 2016 year will bring you the best you deserve, just trust god.

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The celebration of New year is on the full swing and can be observed all around, online e-commerce websites and social networking sites, we hope you have done all the preparation of New Year. For the enthusiastic people of Karnataka, we have collected some of the best happy New Year sms wishes shayari 2016 for the simple living but high thinking Kannada people. Hope you would appreciate these sms shayari in Kannada. Once again we wish you the superb happy New Year 2016.

Happy New Year 2016 Kannada SMS


Feliz Año nuevo 2016 Hermoso Frases Imenges Menseges Fotos Tarjetas



2016 no es un año bisiesto. Hay un total de 53 semanas y 52 domingos en calendario gregoriano el año 2016. Aproximadamente hasta 150 millones de nacimientos humanos se esperan dentro de un período de 365 días del año 2016, a través del mundo. Las Naciones Unidas proclamaron el año 2016 como; “Año internacional de los suelos” y, “Año internacional de la luz y las tecnologías basadas en la luz”. Sin embargo, la mayoría se asemejan a fecha es 15/05/2016 (mes/día/año).

amiga_feliz_ano_nuevo-other amiga_fin_de_ano










Enero 2016LunesMartesMiércolesJuevesViernesSábadoDomingo12345678910111213141516171819202122232425262728293031


Marzo 2016LunesMartesMiércolesJuevesViernesSábadoDomingo12345678910111213141516171819202122232425262728293031

Abril 2016LunesMartesMiércolesJuevesViernesSábadoDomingo123456789101112131415161718192021222324252627282930

Mayo 2016LunesMartesMiércolesJuevesViernesSábadoDomingo12345678910111213141516171819202122232425262728293031

Junio 2016LunesMartesMiércolesJuevesViernesSábadoDomingo123456789101112131415161718192021222324252627282930

Julio 2016LunesMartesMiércolesJuevesViernesSábadoDomingo12345678910111213141516171819202122232425262728293031

Agosto 2016LunesMartesMiércolesJuevesViernesSábadoDomingo12345678910111213141516171819202122232425262728293031

Septiembre 2016LunesMartesMiércolesJuevesViernesSábadoDomingo123456789101112131415161718192021222324252627282930

Octubre 2016LunesMartesMiércolesJuevesViernesSábadoDomingo12345678910111213141516171819202122232425262728293031

Noviembre 2016LunesMartesMiércolesJuevesViernesSábadoDomingo123456789101112131415161718192021222324252627282930

Diciembre 2016LunesMartesMiércolesJuevesViernesSábadoDomingo12345678910111213141516171819202122232425262728293031Feliz año nuevo 2016Año Nuevo

Durante la edad media en Europa occidental, mientras que el Julian calendario estaba todavía en uso, vario se trasladó el día de año nuevo, dependiendo de la configuración regional, a uno de varios días, entre ellos: de marzo, 25 1 de marzo, Pascua, 1 de septiembre y 25 de diciembre. Estos cambios de día de año nuevo generalmente se revirtieron a 1 de enero antes o durante las adopciones locales diferentes del calendario gregoriano, a partir de 1582. El cambio desde el 25 de marzo – Lady Day, uno de los días cuatro trimestre – el 1 de enero tuvo lugar en Escocia en 1600, antes de la ascensión de James VI de Escocia al trono de Inglaterra en 1603 o la formación del Reino Unido en 1707. En Inglaterra y Gales (y todos dominios Británicos, incluyendo las colonias americanas), 1751 comenzó el 25 de marzo y duró días 282 y 1752 comenzó el 1 de enero. Para obtener más información sobre el cambio del calendario Julian en el calendario gregoriano y el efecto sobre la datación de los acontecimientos históricos, etc., ver fechas de estilo antiguo y nuevo estilo. Feliz año nuevo 2016 HermosoTarjetas, Feliz año nuevo 2016 Hermoso Frases, Feliz año nuevo Hermoso  Fotos Tarjetas,Feliz año nuevo 2016 Frases Imenges, fotos feliz ano nuevo 2016


Hindi New Year 2016 Hindi Shayari Images


Thank you for visiting, a site dedicated to all the people like you who love sharing happiness.  This is the place where all of our strengths in writing can be brought together and become something powerful; a place to socialize, share and expand the knowledge and popularity of poetry, shayari, Quotes and greetings and Wishes for different occasion.  Please make sure to bookmark this site.

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If you are looking for a place to vent, look for new friendships, quotes, Wishes, poems from famous authors or even a new site to get some constructive criticism, look no further.  I have posted my own shayari poems on New year 2016 and love romantic topic to get some criticism as well.

On a daily basis, articles/quotes/poems/shayari will be added to give this site more ‘umph’, and hopefully more value to its visitors.  If there are certain authors, poems, articles or anything else that you think should be included, please let me know and I’ll try to make room. is dedicated to the improvement of writers and their skill-set; not to become a professional, but just to get better.  This site offers a page for ‘helpful tips’ if you have just found a new interest in poetry and just need a ‘jump-start’.

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Today I have gathered some dazzling Happy New year 2016 Hindi Shayari Images. I hope you would appreciate this small but rich valued collection. Hope you will hit the share button which will lead you to various social networking sites. Have a superb happy New Year 2016




New year 2016 hindi shayari image




Wedding Ceremony on New Year Eve

Wedding Fonts :

wedding fonts

wedding fonts

Everyone wants their wedding event to be flawless and this can be definitely achieved with great planning and preparation. The main element of wedding planning is no doubt selecting the best wedding invitation. Nowadays, wedding invitations can be personalized and modified to a great level. But choosing the right wedding font in the wedding invitations is very important.

Here are some tips that can help you choose the apt wedding font for your wedding invitation: Pick a wedding font that matches your wedding theme. Example- If you are preparing for a beach or island wedding, select a font that bears a resemblance to waves or ocean. If your wedding idea is modern, use a clean contemporary wedding fonts whereas if your wedding incorporates classic themes, opt for a traditional and elegant wedding font. At times, certain special wedding fonts cost more compared to the generic fonts whose costs are included in the total pricing. Hence check the pricing before you decide on the design for your wedding invitation.

If multiple wedding fonts are used, it takes the looks of the wedding invitation to an ultimate level. But make sure your name, date, time, place etc. are easily readable. Also, many a times multiple fonts may increase the cost of the wedding invitation, so cross-check before finalizing your order. Surf the web for great font ideas. There are numerous websites that allow you to download superb wedding fonts for free while some sites sell stylish wedding fonts at a small cost. Get a wedding font designed by a graphic designer.

This is undeniably the most classy and most expensive option, but can help you get a perfect wedding font just the way you and your partner wanted it to be. Do not wait till the eleventh hour to start searching for your wedding fonts and invitations. It can take a several weeks or even months to have your wedding invitations dispatched to you. You should also send out the invitations early to your guests such that they have sufficient time to make plans and respond to you. In case you are going for a destination wedding that needs extensive invitations, you have to send them out even sooner Your wedding invitations are vital because they give out significant details about your wedding to your guests.

These wedding invitations should exhibit the inner interests and likes of you and your partner; therefore be specific and careful about the wedding font you choose. Do not leave this aspect to the last minute. When you pick your wedding invitation, you set the stone rolling for your entire wedding. If you make a great wedding font selection, the stage is already geared up for a great wedding day.

Wedding colors On the Eve Of New Year


Every wedding has a theme and the success of the wedding depends not on the cake, invitations or the venue of the reception but on the wedding theme. Wedding colors is an important aspect that has to go with the theme of your wedding. The first and foremost step in the direction of choosing your wedding colors depends on the wedding location. You have to fix the venue and then decide on the colors. The type of venue will be the deciding factor for the wedding colors. Say for example in a country club, you can use a nautical blue, whereas a more rusty setting can have earthly tones as wedding colors. Choose the wedding colors that appeal most to you. You can take a look at the art galleries or scan a number of wedding magazines.

A country style of wedding can have yellow and brown as wedding colors. For a navy wedding, it can be red stripes and nautical blue. If there are several rooms in the venue of the wedding, then you can have a theme for each separate room to have different ambiances. After you have narrowed down your choice of wedding colors, you will be able to decide on the appropriate wedding colors. If you are unable to decide on one particular color, then try mixing colors. Wedding colors can also be a combination of several colors.  They have to blend perfectly. Certain elements of a wedding are greatly affected by colors.


These have been listed below:

The wedding dress is white, however if the bride desires to make her gown look more gorgeous, she can select from among her wedding colors. The dresses of the bridesmaids are always in wedding colors. The wedding invitations are a reflection of wedding colors. The invitation must bring in the mood that you would love to evoke on your special day. The flowers must be in the wedding colors.

The cake must be in the wedding colors. The colors for the wedding cake are an element that is the easiest to manipulate when it comes to colors. The wedding colors sets in the mood of the event. Try out colors depending on the mood that you wish to evoke on your wedding day. It could be active or romantic or vibrant. Choose the wedding colors depending on the mood. Thus wedding colors are extremely significant and the wedding will look gorgeous if the colors are appropriate with the mood of the wedding. It is more important than the cake, dress or even the venue. As soon as you start planning, decide on the wedding colors fast. This will make the planning streamlined and easy. Your personality will reflect on your choice of colors. So be very careful while choosing wedding colors.  The wedding will be appreciated if the colors are perfectly matching with the spirit of the wedding party.

Wedding Bouquet on New Year Eve


Wedding always comes with happiness, anxious, worries, upset, and many other feelings being mix up in both couples along with their families due to the preparation and all the hassle things. But it has a different feel on the eve of New Year. Having a marriage when the whole world is celebrating New Year is simple awesome.

When it comes to the wedding bouquet, people will have their own choice. People look for some wedding bouquet ideas both online and simply by flipping some fashion magazines that will facilitate them in determining the perfect wedding bouquet for the wedding. As a matter of fact, those wedding bouquet ideas you may discover on the eve of New Year may inspire you to create your own one of a kind wedding bouquet for your very special day.

In general, wedding bouquet should be in harmony with the wedding dress. Consider some things such as the kinds of flowers to create a bouquet such as rose, tulip, stephanotis, lily of the valley, daisy, hydrangea, hyacinth and orchid. These are widely used in the making of some awesome bouquet.


Happy New Year Funny Memes 2016

Welcome to our website Our main objective is to deliver you the best quotes and wishes for every occasion. The new Occasion this time is the New Year 2016 and we have brought some of the funniest memes.


Rather than drown you with quantity, we believe in delivering quality! We work hard to bring you the best free entertainment and fill your days with laughter.

Talk of Funny Memes to Cool Memes or the cute Memes, we have best of the best today on our website. New Year is a world event hence to ensure you have all the necessary tools (In this case the funny new year 2016 memes) to get through even the worst days!

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We hope you enjoy your visit to – The greatest love house of Happy New Year Quotes Wishes funny Memes in the world!

In today’s day and age with the introduction of various social networking sites and mobile apps, funny New Year 2016 memes can become viral almost instantly.

The popular New Year memes are often times viewed by billions of people word-wide. The cool part of the memes culture is that anybody can make them.


This adds to the growing background of memes. Given the fact that memes are so easy to make, everyday new people create new funny memes, cool memes, cute memes and sexy memes. Memes are created by taking ‘normal’ pictures of a everyday situations and adding funny comments to them. They can also take funny pictures of people and create comedic representations of them. Memes are created from interaction with the people around us, references to pop culture or everyday situations that people can easily relate to.

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An interesting aspect of funny memes is the popularity factor. As mentioned previously, funny memes can become viral and reach millions of people within a few days. Given these impressive factors, advertising and marketing professionals have embraced funny memes, cool memes, cute memes and sexy memes as a form of viral marketing as well as guerrilla marketing. This process is called ‘Memetic marketing’; these memes are seen as low-cost and cost-effective. For instance, marketers would use funny memes to create awareness for their upcoming films.


By creating interesting and hilarious memes, billions of people would see the memes and consequently they will become aware of the upcoming film. This in effect creates a ‘hype’ around the movie and costs are virtually in-existent.



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Funny-New-year-Memes-New-Year-2016Read:  Adorable New Year Greeting Liners for Girlfriend



Happy New Year 2016 Shayari SMS Messages in Marathi

Here comes the New Year again with the joy and enthusiastic atmosphere all around. Let’s raise your hands with the toast in hand, cheer in the name our friends and beloved ones. May all your wishes come true this year 2016. We wish you to have less battle this year within and outside the world. And your life be fulfilled with what you have dreamed of and may you find peace in heart. We also wish, you become stronger than before both physically, mentally and financially.

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On the jolly occasion of New Year we wish a very happy New Year 2016 jai Maratha! , Jai Bharat! We wish and hop that Maharashtra become even great with the noble deeds of common people and ruling leaders.


Marathas are the well-known people in India. They are known for their rich traditions and culture. Mumbai -the dream-land for most youths who wants to be in the entertainment industry.

‘Lavni’, world famous cultural dance, has been originated from the people of Maharashtra. The food that they eat and prepare has a special place in the Indian subcontinent cuisine.

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Well, the more we talk about the great Marathas the less it seems. We once again wish all the Marathi people a happy New Year 2016. We have some New Year 2016 wishes Images in Marathi. Hope you would love them. We believe sharing is caring, so if you really like following New year Marathi cards Images, do Share!

Happy New Year 2016 Marathi Wishes Shayari Images


Happy New year 2016 shayari image in marathi

Happy New year 2016 shayari image in marathi









Happy-New-Year-2016-SMS-in-Marathi-shayari-2016 (2)


Happy-New-Year-2016-SMS-in-Marathi-shayari-2016 (3)


Happy-New-Year-2016-SMS-in-Marathi-shayari-2016 (4)








New Year 2016 Funny Hilarious Greeting Poem for Friends

New is one of the most awaited holidays all over the world. People are shopping; collecting and sending gifts to friends and their loved ones. The winter season is at the peak while adding a different feeling of happiness and cheerfulness. People sending wishes is one of the old traditions associated with the New Year celebration. Funny incidences occurs, people share funny images and jokes too. At this time it has become crucial to send some lovely New Year greetings and poems to friends.

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We are well aware of the feeling when we sit to jot down a personalized poem but all a sudden memory and creativity goes in vain, The words disappears from the mind dictionary. To eliminate such situation we have this poem which you can send to your friends. It has all the funny moments and real day incidences that they find difficulty to imagine without being connected with the words.


We have gathered for you the best funny New Year Poems for you. If you are among those people who love to make others happy with funny wishes and tweets, we have other posts too. Have a look on them also.

I Wish

I wish Snoopy, your poodle, does not chew telephone chords or your favorite skirt this year!

I wish your dog becomes intelligent to wash muddy legs before running on carpets this year.

I wish the god spares you from telemarketing calls when trying to finish work in Friday evenings!

I wish the Hollywood actor you drool over does not get hooked by some starlet this year!

I wish your neighbor does not ask you to babysit his tantrum throwing daughter in weekends!

I genuinely wish your aunt does not gift you a florescent purple colored dress this year.

I wish your efforts at trimming your goatee at home turns out better this year!

I wish you do not end up ransacking the house for your specs wearing it on head this year.

I sincerely wish you make fewer resolutions to give up drinking this year!

I wish you can resist temptation to gorge on burgers during snack breaks this year.

I wish you do not rush to kitchen in middle of a call to realize the cake is burnt this year!

I wish there is less snowfall or queue when you wait for Black Friday Deals this year.

I sincerely wish you overcome your fear of cockroaches this new year.

I wish you finally implement the plan to use stairs instead of elevators at malls and markets!

I wish your favorite celebrity or model comes up with an easier to follow diet this New Year. Happy New Year 2016



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Beautiful Merry Christmas Eve 2016 Celebration Images Wishes in English


25th December: Why We Celebrate Christmas?

Festival of Love and Blessings. Followers of every religion have their own rituals, traditions, events and ceremonies. Like Muslims celebrate two Eids in a year, Christians celebrate Christmas. 25th December is the date of birth of Jesus Christ and holiday is observed widely all over the world.

Many people celebrate it. Why we celebrate Christmas – Facts You Must Know? It is the traditional anniversary of Jesus Christ. Christians celebrate it in the memory of Jesus Christ. Christians believe that Jesus was the son of God. They have their own believes. On this auspicious day, many traditions are followed.

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Christmas had been celebrated on 6th January. Jesus was a Jew so due to this, they might had considered 25th December as the date of birth of Jesus Christ. However many scholars are unsure about the birth of Jesus Christ

Free-Wallpaper-Christmas-Tree Christians consider Christ as the light of the whole world. Actually Christians celebrate Christmas because gift of Christmas is Jesus Christ who is the son of God and He sacrificed Himself for the repair of our sins. Many traditional customs of Christmas have their origins in pagan practices. Christmas Gifts – Festival to exchange Gifts. Holiday is observed on 25th December but in some countries where Christians have majority, more than one holiday are observed.

People go out from their homes to visit shops and doing shopping. More than shipping, they enjoy each other company. As due to long holidays, people do invite family members on the dinner parties. Besides them, many other parties, ceremonies are attended by the people. People decorate their homes, offices, churches etc. People go to the churches to do worship. This day is considered as the biggest and most important day of the whole year. Traditions to Decorate House with Christmas tree: People put up many decorative things on their houses, offices, streets, societies, buildings, churches etc. Other decorative things are also used depending upon the areas, countries, societies etc. Red, green and gold are traditional colors of Christmas.

Red indicates the blood of Jesus that shed. Green represents eternal life and green tea which even doesn’t lose its leaves in winter when remaining trees lose their leaves. Magi gave three gifts to Jesus and gold was one of them. Music is another tradition. People use to play music on this event. Music depends upon the culture of people. It depends upon the societies, countries etc. Special family meal is another important part of Christmas Holidays. All family members, relatives are invited on this great dinner. All come to the response of this invitation and enjoy their time. Especial pudding is served to these family members.

Besides this, many other dishes depending upon the areas are also preferred. Chocolates and sweets are also preferred in some cultures. In northern areas, dry fruits are another option as well. Cards are indication of exchange of emotions, love, sincerity, friendship etc. Many greeting are written in the cards like Happy Christmas and Happy New year. As new-year begins after 5 days of Christmas, so people generally celebrate both of these events at the same time. Christmas is celebrated all over the world due to popularity of Christianity. According to survey, Christians are the maximum number of people in the present world. The word “Christmas” has come from the Mass of Christ. Exact time for the birth of Jesus is not known.

Different scholars have different ideas. Some thinks winter was the time. Other thinks Sukkot would be the best and proper season for the birth of Jesus. Neglecting all the controversies, our aim is to focus the mind of all people on the Christ of Christmas. World’s light has actually come.

Here are the Merry Christmas Wallpapers:-