15 Ways To Make Long Distance Relationship (LDR) Harmonious & Healthy



15 Best Things You can do To Make Long Distance Relationship Sweet 

“I don’t cry because we’ve been separated by distance, and for a matter of years. Why? Because for as long as we share the same sky and breathe the same air, we’re still together.” 
― Donna Lynn Hope

This is a wonderful quote which portrays the sadness of a lover living far yet showing positivity and trust and the flame of love still alive.

Relations are tough to maintain when Partners are living in different countries and cities. Family members and friends are often heart of saying that long distance relationship does not lasts. But we don’t believe in that. We agree that there is time when you feel sad and find yourself lonely but it has its own surprises too.

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If you are in a long distance relationship and guess you are as you are here, reading this post so we have some tips for you here. You can make your relationship lasting, just follow the piece of advice on how to maintain long distance relationship for lasting love.

1. Have a goal in mind

You need to ask some questions when long distance relation will be no more in distance relationship.as no couple stays long in long distance relationship, one day they have to settle down. Once you are done with the entire question then discuss with each other and follow the goals together. This will make two of you comfortable and feeling good day by day. Make goals how much time you need to settle down, what you going to do after. How you will spend your day etc.

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 2. See long distance relationship as an opportunity

Why? Because some wise person once said that “If you want t live together, you first need to learn how to live apart”. This is true. When you are in such relationship then take it as a learning opportunity. Think as this is the test of your love. And instead of thinking, this is pulling you apart just focus it will make your relationship stronger.

“I would rather be here, far from you, but feeling really close, rather than close to you but feeling really far away.” – Emma, Glee Season 4

 3. Do similar things

You are a part of your love yet doing similar things makes you feel like you are close. We mean here is watch the same film, recommend TV shows, books, music each other. When you will have a conversation on phone or any other means of communication, you have a subject to discuss about being both of you aware of it. This is a good practice. Doing such things adds more love to your relationship making it more loving.

4. Get a Good messaging App in Mobile

This is crucial because texting is the most frequent and common way to communicate when far from each other. This way you don’t actually feel apart.

 5. Communicate Creatively

Everyday greeting your partner good morning and good night is a good way to start and end the day. Try to add something new with every greeting and don’t just use the same mundane words. Send some funny images and quotes. Add some clips, videos, your image or a selfie etc. This kind of effort makes the person feel loved and appreciated.

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 6. Good to know each others Schedules

What happens when you drop a message or call when your partner is busy with the client or in a meeting? You end up with anger or worry because of no response. This is natural but we would not suggest you but what we recommend to know his/ her day schedule. It won’t create confusion between the two. Know when she is free during the day to drop the message or call.

 7. Do Thing Altogether

We have so many ways to be together not physically yet mentally and in a virtual world. Play a video game together, sing a song while having a video calling, one would play guitar and other would sing. Don’t know how to play guitar? There is Google which will direct you to online learning websites-just give it a try. Go online shopping together

 8. Show your Media Presence

When your mate uploads a picture on Instagram, Facebook or tweet the best thing you can do is to like and comment of appreciation. Be nice and a bit formal there. Don’t comment more personal publicly.

 9. Give each other Pet name

Giving your partner a pet name and using that in personal talks adds warmth to your relationship. Use names that are cute and doesn’t exhibit his /her weakness. You can use those names that are synonymous to cute, healthy, brave, and funny. You’re some possessive word before the pet name like “my cutie kitten or my brave cheetah”.

 10.Send personal gifts

No need to explain why it’s good to send gifts your partner. Sending a personalized present without a reason is a good way to strengthen your relationship.

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 11. Stay Honest with each other

“Honesty is the best policy” that we used to here since we were child right? And still holds true when two are in a relationship. Be honest with your partner. You can honestly tell the feelings of fear, insecurity, jealousy, apathy, etc. to your mate. Hiding anything will be revealed sooner or later and keeping is not a good move for a healthy relationship. Dealing things by yourself will make it worse so share it .

 12. Visit each Other

Visits your partners after a long time will be like fireworks, butterflies, rainbows and glittering bombs everywhere. It is the garnish to your delicious food. You can do all the little things like holding hands, kiss, caressing etc. So plan a visit .

 13. Talk Dirty

Sexual tension is no doubt one of the crucial  thing between couples. Sexual desire is the glue that holds the two  partners from drifting away. It’s a physical, biological and emotional need .

 14.  Avoid Excessive Communication

What if I send you messages to like our page or subscribe and fill your inbox with promotional stuff. You will liely to block me and never come back.No one likes spammy stuff right?same  holds true in long terms reltiionship.  You don’t have to communicate 18 hours a day . In love less is more. Let each others mind free , make it miss you, leave good for  the next,  It will bring quality to the next time you talk.

Excessive communications is injurious to health long distance relationship. Mind it.


15.  Stay Positive

We understand the waiting is painful; still you need to be patient and keep putting positivity to the relationship. We sometime feel lonesome and weathered yet stay focused and positive.  why? Because “fruits at the end will be sweet as heaven” (not recommended for the people with diabetes :P).

Be thankful that you have someone to love who loves you back.


Full Valentine week List

“Valentine week List 2016″ Full Day Wise Schedule and Day Sheet

Full Valentine week List

Valentine Week List

All what you Need To Know about a “Valentine week”

People who are in love or were in some part their life knows pretty well “Valentine week” the best romance week. Why? Because everyone says this and found love making. This week is probably the best for you too with the only condition you have a girl or is in a good relationship. The article is written in the male perspective, though it is applicable for females too.

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Here is the Valentines week all about and you need to know so not to get confused and seen with the frowning expression from your girl.

February 7- Rose day

The rose day is the first day of the valentine’s week. This is a day you offer rose to your lady and it’s a sweet gesture to start the week with the rose. This day shows, you are romantic feeling for her. If this day also prepares you for the next day too. How? Read more

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February 8- Propose day

She has accepted your rose then it is high time to propose her – it’s the propose day and you like more likely to be accepted. It’s crucial day of the Valentine week. If it goes well, you can celebrate you’re your whole week and if not you better go for a vacation with your mates you are sailing the same boat with you.

February 9- chocolate day

A marketing technique by the manufactures of “Chocolate”, this is what I feel. But it’s a good it’s a pretty good idea to offer the chocolate to you girl. Every girl love to have chocolate in one or more forms. An advantage of chocolate for you – Its aphrodisiac and ball is in your court. Get her a box of chocolate and make her mood.

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February 10 -Teddy Day

Girls love cuddly things. A small child, a puppy, stuffed toys, etc. are some of the kind in the list. 10 February is dedicated to their earnest desire and teddy is the one who has this opportunity to be get cuddled this day. Buy her a teddy and show that you appreciate her desire. One tip here- Bigger and fluffy, the better it is.

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February 11- Promise Day

It’s time for the commitment. You have enjoyed previous days being romantic. Now she wants you to get serious and promise for to be together for the lifelong. Treat her well and love her every day the rest of the life.

Promise her to be with her. If you are truly into her then what’s the wrong in making promise right? Show some dedication. This day actually filters the bad and the good guys.


February 12 – Hug Day

Ahh!  You have survived with the Promise day. It’s time to hug her and feel cherished. On 12 Feb, become her teddy, embrace her, take her in your arms and hold her passionately. This is what people do and what you should do to. Hold on if you are going any further why? Because it’s not the perfect day, why? Check out below.

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February 13 – Kiss Day

Number 13 is usually considered as unlucky but 13 Feb is probably the luckiest day for people in love. And for those who just got committed for the first time in their life. It’s the kiss day. You can kiss your girl   without making her feel embarrassed. Though learn how to kiss passionately if you are a beginner.

She has got a good kisser, let her know that.

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14 February- Valentine Day

14 February is what is known as the day for romance in real sense. There is history for it and it is the sweet climax of the valentine week. Enjoy with her by the best way you can. Learn some tips to make her feel special and loved.

Do something loving that she would remember for the rest of her life.

Happy “Valentine’s Day” to you.

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Proposing a girl

8 Awesome Ways To Propose a Girl on Propose Day

Proposing a girl

Boy Proposing a girl

Some loving ways to propose a girl On Propose day

Proposing a girl for the best time? And don’t know how to propose? You are at the right place because we have collected 10 best ways to tell her that you love her and want her to be in your life. You’re going to love his believe us. Before going to the main point just remember that Girls biggest and earnest desire is the perfect proposal. Every girl has a dream to be asked for Will you be my Valentine? Let’s make it simple – I love you (The magic words).

Unfortunately boys or lack Romance and creativity in asking such important question. Guys just forget the traditional way of getting down on knees with the red rose I Hand. It’s just a cliche and boring for most of the girl. Without talking too much general let’s just start the list of ways proposing the girl on Propose day.

1. Be Yourself:

It is crucial to be yourself while proposing a girl. Do not pretend what you are not and don’t overdo it. Remember the good rule of thumb KISS- Keep It Simple stupid. When we say make it simple , it does not mean to say hello and through those three words directly. Just add your touch and be creative. She wants to hear I Love You from a guy for long time already and have played the act in her dreams a hundred time. Follow your heart and hers.


 2. Candle light Dinner:

Lot may times you have seen in films a guy proposing a girl in a candle lit dinner. It is conventional and used by many yet it never fades with time. The reason is light form burning of candles with the dark surrounding makes you the focus point for her. Melodious tune, full stomach and light of candle impacts the tender part of the brain. Propose her with some beautiful lines of saying, poem or quote.

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3. Place you met her for the first:

Take her to the place where you met her for the first time. Remind her of the past time by recreating the moments. This is good way to propose her and it will be embossed in her memory throughout life.

 4. Propose During a Movie Break

When watching a romantic movie actually generates the feel good hormones and your girl has romance in mind. During the interval propose her. This s tested and applied many ways. At this moment she is more susceptible for the propose. There are fewer chances that you will get a negative.

 5. T- Shirt Proposal

Grab a T-shirt and print her name with those three words. Don’t forget to wear a jacket and take it out at the right moment. Timing is important here. This is especially good for the guys who are stammer a lot when talking to a girl.

 7. Radio Proposal

This is for the bold and brave people. Girls like guys who are brave. Get help from a friend who knows Radio Jockey and plan everything perfect. Make sure you are with her in telephone when your proposal is on air. Tell her to get in tune with the Radio at a particular time. Choose the time when she remains free and calm.

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7. The Picnic proposal

Plan a picnic on any holiday. Make all the preparation for the big day. Make sure she is with a good mood and no worry is nagging her mind. Though, she will be as the hills, river and greenery around would make her feel relaxed and tranquil. This is one of the few best romantic ways to propose a girl. You can propose her any time of the day yet sunset creates an enchanting effects.


 8. Banner proposal

This is a great way to propose her if you are sick of being rejected. Make a Banner with her endearment name, have it displayed outside her home or workplace. However we only suggest this method when there is surety that she would accept your proposal. Make a knot- don’t write her real name.


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How to Avoid Too Many Questions From a Girl on First date

Best 15 Ways that Makes Man more Adorable to a Woman

Dating couples

How to Avoid Too Many Questions From a Girl on First date

Dating couples

Dating couple

Prohibit Your Girlfriend from unnecessary Interrogation

Hey man , congrats for the first date. A pat on back for you for winning the heart from a girl. this article is for the dude who wants not to feel like on a hot seat and get bombarded with questions from girl. She probably wants to know more about you, that’s natural . But it is uneasy for the guy to answer all as we man don’t like to talk much. It’s a first date, not an interview for the job. Its alright to answer some question yet you probably don’t discuss in the form of questionnaire right? Here are some tips that will help you get rid her questions.

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1. Changing the topic.

Changing the topic is the best way yet sometimes this can send bad signals of  not caring for here. Be clever here. What you can do is to wait for the waiter till just respond hmm, oh yeah rather than reciprocating her and responding in such a way that give her a chance to ask one more question. Remember smile all the time even if you don’t feel like. Let some creases around your eyes else she would know you are faking a smile.

2. Be Genuine

Most of the time its good to be natural and tell directly. If don’t feel like answering on a certain topic just tell her, she would understand.

When she stop discussing then you start something that you like to discuss. Girls just don’t like to be silent , they wants the conversation keep going.

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3. Keep quiet for a moment

Remaining silence for long in a date will makes the date uneasy and increases the probability of repeating the same topic. But while discussion take a pause and quiet for a moment, this will let you think deeper on a particular topic and help you with deeper thought to answer. A wise man first think before formatting the words out of the mouth.

4. Put the ball in her court

Use an invasive answer. This is the best way to turn the question away of you. For example you can say “that’s an interesting question, what would you say about that?” This would prevent you from commenting the illogical.

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5. Overstepping the line

Such situation arises when your date get carried away unintentionally  and ask you something that is uncomfortable to you. You can gently tap on her shoulder saying with a humorous tone “do you always ask such intimate questions on your first date?”. You need to hide the uneasy expressions here and smile. Reassure your date that you are not really upset with the question you just don’t want to answer.


So these were some tips. Hope it would help you in some way. We will update more after interviewing the experts. Till then stay tuned .



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Gifts ideas and packets for the girlfriend

Gift Ideas For Love on Valentine’s Day

Gifts ideas and packets for the girlfriend

Packets of Gifts

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas 

It’s February again- The best month for the lovers and the month when people searched most for the gift ideas and probably the month with max bought gifts for the lover. Buy the best presents for the love and shower greater love thus adding more meaning to it.

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The gift ideas normally depend on the age group and the type of profession they have. The best way in choosing the gift is to decipher carefully the need and his/her preferences. There are numerous ways you can get the gifts but we suggest ordering online is the best way as there are numerous choices  to choose from and the enough time to think without being making the shopkeeper frustrated. Try to make this Valentine more memorable. So without wasting much of the words let’s just come to the main points. Following are the gifts ideas:

1. Personalize Gifts:

make your Valentine year most enchanting and longtime memorable ones by adding personal touch to it. Why? Because it adds a different flavor and love of your efforts in making it. There are myriad DIY cards, gifts, crafts in the internet just search it and find the one you can make easily yet passionately, It is a must.

2. Monogrammed Coasters and Coffee Mugs:

each time your darling use it or pass by it , he/she will remind of you. That’s what we want from us. You can use some good quality picture of yours or your loved ones or pictures of both. Remember use only those pictures of you together when you spent the best time.

3. Home Décor:

If you have a wife than this part is for her. Although above ideas are also applicable in her case too yet being a wife she would appreciate stuff that is helpful in her daily life. You can buy her new curtains, dinnerware, House hold dressings, etc. other list includes-

  • Romantic wall decals of her choice
  • Lamps
  • Music system
  • Kitchenware

Don’t forget they are giving her not because you are selfish but because you want her to have these and feel good when she is at home. So share your lovely feeling with her and tell her how much you adore her. Kiss her, hug her and let her know how much you care for her. Make it original when giving such things to her. She would appreciate it if given with the being genuine.

4. Bottle of Wine with your Names Engraved:

Its very romantic to have a bottle of Wine or Champagne on a beautiful eve. Make sure the size of the bottle must be large so the name is clear legible and in perfect ratio.

5. Chinese Gifts:

china is very clever in terms of manufacturing. Numerous unique gifts with aesthetic design are there in the market.make sure the quality is good and durable as china is Not famous for making durable item. Spend some good money and check the material of the items. What you can buy for your partner is –

  • Chinese coins
  • Money Tree
  • Silver Fortune cookie box engraved with romantic message
  • Wooden chopstick set with Engraved design
  • Good Fortune Charm Bracelet
  • Wooden Picture Album


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Hope you would find these valentines day gifts ideas helpful. We wish you and your love a Happy Valentine’s Day 2016. Have a good time.