5 New Ways You Should Celebrate Valentine’s Day This Year

couple celebrating v-day
couple celebrating v-day

couple celebrating v-day

5 Tips To Celebrate V-Day In New Ways

The Valentine’s Day is back again. On this occasion, the couples most of the time are seen scratching their heads for the latest and unique ideas. Yet most of the time they fall prey to the usual greeting cards, chocolate, candy and teddy bears etc. This Valentine, don’t be a slave to the conventional routine. Celebrate 14 Feb with your partner in a unique way. Don’t you worry or get confused because we are here to help you out and save you from the monotony.

We had an interview with the dating consultant and relationship expert, Sir N.K. Frank. He told us that by Being open to something new kindles the fire of love and romance. Based on the interview we made a list of 5 new ways to celebrate this Valentine with your significant other.

Let’s roll out guys.

1. Skip cheesy Cards

Yes, you read that right. Skip this time the embellishing cards which are cut in the heart shape. Take this advice seriously. Frank advised that such cards are cliche and does not impact that much the love part of the brain which it is supposed to do. So what to do now? Just think out of the box. Your Valentine’s Day celebration could be as simple as making the dinner altogether. Stay away from your phone and laptop, make your being together distraction free. Focus less on what you are doing but more on how you are doing.

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 2. Take part in “Active” Activities

 Science says couple tends to be more romantic when they are out of their usual place. What better than sports for an unusual activity. Taking part in some adventure sports activate Adrenalin and feel good hormones. This Valentine’s Day, plan a mini tour in the lap of nature. Go for mountain trekking, rock climbing, surfing or paragliding, if you have access to such sports nearby your city. If not than go to amusement parks. Studies show that Active couple tends to be more loyal and loving towards each others for years.

3. Don’t Go For the box of chocolate

Although Chocolate being famous for a longstanding tradition as Valentine delights, there are myriad ways to treat your valentine and kindle the fire of love. Frank suggested to do something your better half will appreciate. Suppose your Girlfriend or Boyfriend is a workaholic and doesn’t have time to cook food then just spending money on a week’s worth food for them would be more heartwarming. They would appreciate you more for being such a caring person. We bet you that a big box of gift wrapped with crisp shiny won’t do that.

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 4. Forget Reserving Seats in  Restaurant

It seems a wonderful idea to make reservation for 14 Feb night in a restaurant and have a lavish dinner, but you are probably not the only one with that idea. Save that dinner for some other time. Instead go with What N.K. Frank calls a “Happy List”. Both of you take a moment from your busy life, sit together and prepare a list of all the things which makes you happy and then swap that list. Both of you will now have a long list of what makes your partner happy. Save them for the whole year. When your partner goes through a bad time, you know how to make them feel good, just pick one out of the list. What say?

 5. No More Teddy Bears

Come on mate! Forget that teddy which every other person gifts to their partners. Stop being a novice. Your girlfriend is no more a 5th grader. She is all grown up now. Why let him/her cuddle the teddy, be his/her Teddy and get the cuddly feeling. Leave that teddy as a gift stuff for your kids. On the losing side, these stuffs can cost like hell. Manufacturers knows that you are going to buy those for your girlfriend and they garb a good amount out of your pocket. Love is never about gifts but all about caring. “For love, it is immaterial what sort of gift you took out of that box, what matters is how much love you put into that”, says expert Frank.


Hope you liked them. If you have  any suggestions, just let us know via comment section.

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