Men Who Are Happy Valentine’s Day is Over

funny- valentine day
funny- valentine day

Its Over

Valentine’s Day is not confined to a single day for showing your affection and love. There is a whole one week that is dedicated to celebrate it, just in the name of love. Only one day would not have sufficed the couples. But there are many Men who will be happy if there’s an end to this tradition of Valentine’s Day and the week. Though they know that Valentine won’t be ending but they wish from deep of their heart for early passage of Valentine Week.But why ? Let’s take a superficially funny perspective of the life of those unhappy ones and find out who are they.

The Drinkers

These are people who love to drink but for some health reasons they are abstaining themselves. They will be happy when the Valentine week comes to an end because there will be no more special offers on drinking at their favourite pub. They can now restrict themselves easily. And they need not lie to their doctor on their next visit.

The Macho Men

These are the one who are “Sick” of red roses. They don’t want to get indulge in all these feminine kind of things like making cards, cooking, planning romantic vacation for their significant other. They are the men who are overly proud of being a “man”, little short of male chauvinists. They will be happy when Valentine comes to an end that there will be no such “Womenly” stuffs in their office, restaurants etc. Meanwhile Valentine continues, they like to be at home and glad not to do anything on V-day

The Single Men

Those Single men who are sick of watching couples all around.  Wherever they go, they feel guilty for not having a girlfriend. They find themselves poor and pity when they come across a couple in the park kissing, in the restaurant having a candle lit dinner, in theatre, hugging and watching romantic film, in the beach walking  hand in hand. When Valentine’s Week gets over, they feel relaxed and focus on other things which make them happy for being single.

Men With Pocket Tight

These are  men who are tight on their budget and are happy because they can now buy pizza rather than spending grand over an expensive candle lit dinner. They want to, but they can’t .So they kind of feel relaxed now and can set a budget for their month.

Men Who Love Rock Songs

These are those men who are diehard fans of Rock music and are frustrated of listening romantic songs on their favourite radio station and can’t take it any more of these romantic songs being played in loops. They hate it,even more, when they watch same romantic songs being played, too, on their favourite music tv channel.

Men Who Can’t Say NO

Men who can’t handle people selling heart shaped balloons, gifts, roses on traffic lights, showrooms and hawkers etc. These men are vulnerable because they are really really bad at saying no. So each time they confront any of those sellers, they have to buy their stuffs and feel regret later of their helplessness. Their girlfriends are angry with too much of red roses and balloons each time they met. These men’s houses are filled with roses, on every corner of their room there may be some packaging wrapper, boxes etc.

Idiot Box Lovers

These men who are happy they are again going to have some good fun stuff on TV rather than mushy Romantic stuff.

Men On diet

These are those men who took resolution of losing weight this year and were doing good so far but this whole week ruined it all. They are happy that there will be no more chocolates, alcohol and butter dipped stuff after the week gets over.


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