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Happy Valentines day
Happy Valentines day

Best Likable Poems

Poems are the lovely expressions of what we feel. It’s awesome if that feeling is love. William Shakespeare has narrated myriad poems and stories dedicated to love and passion. When are not very good at writing than they take help from the poems which best shows their dedication for their loved ones.

If you belongs to that category of the people and are not able to tell your love how deeply you are in love with the (we have written this post in male perspective yet it is applicable for both male and female). Words are beautiful when used with figure of speech.

This valentine (or in any other occasion), let her know how your heart feels with some of the beautiful poems that we have gathered here below.

Mesmerizing Poem 

Your heart is just as lovely as your face.
I can’t believe you ever could love me.
Gifted with a more than human grace,
You’re meant for some more noble destiny.
I watch you from the sidelines in a dream
That never can come true. Yet nonetheless,
My heart is happier than it might seem:
I shiver in the warmth of your caress.
I may not be the mirror for your eyes,
But fortune has been decent, on the whole.
I cannot know your heart or hear your cries,
But love for you illuminates my soul.
My looks have made me shy, so please take this
As it is meant: an unrequited kiss.

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Adorable Poem 

My love for you is simple, Deep, and Strong

I feel it flowing towards you from my heart,

A tide of unsophisticated song,

Sung with much desire and little art.

I cannot tell my love, but it will show

In ways that even I cannot foresee;

A love as full as mine must overflow

Into everything that makes me, me.

Just as the sun must shine to be the sun

And trees burst forth in blossom every year,

So I must love in ways that everyone

Can see or sense or reason out or hear.

Still, I’ll tell you of my love in this:

For fear, despite all, you might my love miss.


Share with us your moment when you dedicated this poem to your beloved. let us know your moment by commenting in the comment section. :)

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