Long Distance Relationship (LDR): 7 Reasons Why it Don’t Work




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Culprits That Put Long Distance Relations To an End

After the first few months of your long term relationship the distance tends, to create the actual distance between the couple. We feel all the giddy feeling and butterflies in the stomach which later starts to fade away.

Long Distance Relationship is hard to maintain and the reasons for the same are myriad. It’s not true for some of the exception people who are good at it and successfully managed to end that with the happy Marriage. But the love ship of most sink in the mid destination.

Here are the top reasons which are based on the researches and concluded from the failed long distance relationship.

1. Communication Gap

Couples in long distance relationship have less time facing each other in real sense. Even in the modern days with lots of communication means they face problems with good effective communication.

With so many alternatives, instant chat, video calling etc., even they feel like they are not close enough to share their feelings.This is somewhat true as most of the interaction starts with what are you doing? How was the day? What have you in lunch, dinner etc., good morning, night etc. as the day pass by these questions and answer become cliché and boredom person embrace the couple at both ends?

2. Lack of Trust

Myriad LDR end just because of trust issue factor. A fight on a small issue flames it,  a bottle of alcohol and a person who come out of the blue sky showing some romance makes it worse.

The Significant Other ‘SO’ on other side of the country ties to supervise if their partner is faithful or not. They feel that their partners could cheat as they are not close. But here it’s important to note, if this is the case with you than living close proximities does not guarantee of not being cheated also.

Sometime this is real, sometimes just perceived (our mind loves to play with us). Just because your partner has a wandering eyes does not make him or her a cheater. Do you have jealousy factor find it out as soon as possible.

3. Money Problem

Ah! the bloody money problem. You live in a different territory may be in different time zones. A visit costs us a many bucks. This includes; tickets like train, airplane, gifts, hotel and restaurant reservations, going in and out, etc. People expect quality fun time when they meet after a long time, which is quite natural, but if you are on a tight pocket it.

4. Not Meeting each Other’s Expectations

You do everything to make your LDR safe yet it’s not working as you both have expected it to run. We say when in love; two bodies yet one soul, which isn’t true.  Everyone is unique, what one thinks does not mean one’s other half will be think the same way as you. You both expects each other’s behavior exactly what you have conceived in your mind but it’s wrong.Even scientists have yet not managed to build a machine that can read others thoughts. then how can you expect it from your partner.

When you live far from your “S O” chances of not understanding what your partner expects always is close to zero. This is one of the prime factors that led a LDR to be grounded. Both have expectations with each other but they fails meeting them and get to the only common point; Break Up.

5. The Foggy future

Even if the couple has a good chemistry but a blur or unclear future corrodes it with time. Both the partners are in different places with different jobs living in different houses. it is not possible to leave all for other in most of the cases. Sometime unparalleled ideology of families support it. Local Communities fires it up and you both feel living to the extreme ends of the planet. If you do not have a proper plan of living together then need to clear it up.

6. Feeling Alone

When one of the member moves out of town for weeks and months it bring loneliness left behind person. Then Feelings of anger and frustration follows. Not all people responds equally to them hence ends up with the thought of non-working LDL.  They then tries to move on with someone who is closer to them and share their time.

7. The “Devil”

You feel all bad for being in a long distance relationship and there is someone who keeps nagging your brain all the time- a devil friend, a devil family member or a devil stranger. That devil keeps telling you other options available for that particular man or woman. They tell you that you don’t seem to be in love, tell you all the worst advice that push your relationship further than the worse end.

Beware! Of that “Devil” and think carefully before taking any wrong action.

It’s a research that if a lie will be told to you 100 times by many people than it appears true.

“Devil” has put to end many Long distance Relationships.

These were some top level reasons which drift you apart when in long term relationship. One thing you need to answer to you ; is it the only distance that falls you apart? Find other culprits and remove them early before it’s too late.


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