Latest Happy Diwali 2016 Sms Wishes In Gujarati

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Happy Diwali to all of the visitors. Check out our beautiful happy Diwali 2016 sms, wishes, egreetings, ecards, quotes in English, Marathi, Gujarati, Nepali,Punjabi and other local languages etc.The most awaited Hindu festival Diwali is on 11 November. Most of the people look for Happy Deepavali wishing quotes and sms etc for sharing with their friends via social networking websites like Facebook, Whatapp, Hike, Line , Twitter etc.For them we have collected some of the best Happy diwali 2016 stuff.

Most of the people celebrate Diwali with their family ,lighting their houses with lamps ,fancy lighting etc .They do prayers and pooja of goddess Laxmi on the occasion of Deepavali.In this article you would find Happy Diwali sms ,widhes quotes in Gujarti.The main reasons for writing the article is that Gujarati people are around the world and when someone wish them in their local language or Dialects, it makes them feel like something close to the heart and and fill their heart with warmth.
Following are some of the Gujarati fonts sms for Diwali 2016:-

Asho Maro utsavni toli,
Lejo haiyane harkhe hichodi,
Diva Laine aavi diwali,
Purjo choke rudi rangoli,…


જો તું મળી હોત તો, ઈચ્છા હતી ફૂલ બનવાની મારી જો તું સાગર હોત તો, ઈચ્છા હતી નાવ બનવાની મારી જો તું દિપક હોત તો, ઈચ્છા હતી જ્યોત બનવાની મારી જો તું પુસ્તક હોત તો ઈચ્છા હતી કલમ બનવાની મારી જો તું મયુર હોત તો, ઈચ્છા હતી મોરપીંછ બનવાની મારી જો તું મંદિર હોત તો, ઈચ્છા હતી મૂર્તિ બનવાની મારી


diwali na deepo thi aapnu jivan sukh ane samruddhi tatha aanand thi prajalvit thai jaay,
temaj aap thaki aniya ne pan sukh prapt thai ,prerna male avu aapnu jivan deepee uthe avi abhilasa…


Aaj Kariye SauNe Dil_Thi_Yad
Tamne Diwali Ni Mubaarak Baad,
Deep Jalaavo Ghare Ne Dhvaar
Rahe Sukh-Smrudhi Apram-Paar.


Aavi re aavi diwali aavi,
Harkh ullash ane ajvala lavi sath,
Nana ne mota sauv kare mauj,
Bhai aato diwali no tyohar.


So these were the Sms wishes for Diwali 2106 in Gujarati language .We hope you liked it.


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