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 How To Propose a Girl



Propose day is celebrated on the second day of Valentine week, on 8th of February. It is of particular significance when seen in the whole light. Many of us think that Love is center to Valentine Week, yes it is. Love is like soul of the valentine week but Propose day is like the body of Valentine. If you feel love for someone, how would you know if they love you back or not, unless you propose them. Proposing is an act of subtleties, infact when you propose it only adds up to your personality. Believe us, proposing takes more than what it looks like.

When it comes to proposing somebody, it’s a tricky thing to do. Howsoever cliched it may be perceived but it is always best to stick to the “Old is Gold” rule. Here we have summated all golden rules into points those are needed to be taken care of before proposing a girl.


Is She Worth Proposing

Prior to proposing her you need to ask yourself, is she worth proposing ? She would make a great girlfriend if even after Four months of being together as friend or acquaintance you are still interested in her. You also have to take care of whether she possess the qualities that will make your relationship Long lasting. You need to ask yourself is she the one spending time with whom makes you go gaga. Is she making you a better person. Will she be committed for you, if not then you are better off single.

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Making Sure She’s Into You

Look for the different signals she’s giving you. A bit more time with her will help you in understanding her feelings towards you. It is requisite that while doing so, you avoid being too early in proposing her. Not only she will say no but you may well lose a good friend.

It is important to gaze at her body language. Find if she’s giving you clue of some sorts, like she loves being around you or not. Go for her friends to know her feelings about you.

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Location Of Your Proposal is Important

If you propose her in a random fashion without any planning, chances are it may prove to be a spoiler. So plan ahead. Look for a location where you can have privacy to ask her. Too much Romantic locations are not considered soothing for proposal. Proposals in evening have better rate of success compared to other time of the day. Take note of the fact that you don’t tell her the exact location where you are visiting, ask her to trust you. Keep her guessing.

Keep a right approach and be confident

First have a conversation with her, and be confident about conversation. Don’t be nauseous or nervous.

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Ask the Question in most soothing way

Now everything has been set for a grand proposal. Now it’s time. Asking her in a round and round manner doesn’t help, better go the direct way, “Will you be my girlfriend?” Would be the most apt one. If you can’t go direct, give her something like a cake with “Will you be my girlfriend?” written over it.


Avoid Knee-jerk Reactions

Finally whatever may be her answer, your response shouldn’t be a knee-jerk one. If answer is yes and she is feeling enthusiastic, reciprocate in same tone by telling her how much ecstatic you are feeling about her approbation.

If she rejects you, and we pray to the Almighty she does not, take it not on your heart, be cool but not pretend like you don’t care. If possible ask her the reason, may be the case is she’s already seeing someone or sees you just as a good friend. Tell her that you value her friendship and would like to continue as a good friend.

This will make a good impression on her of you being a mature and reasonable person. This may help you, if you propose her again in the distant future.

We hope these points will help you in your quest. Hope that you liked them. We’d surely like and welcome you to have your suggestions via comment section.

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