Ideas for women on Making Her Partner Happy Being at Home

Couple relaxing at home

Couple relaxing at home

Couple relaxing at home

some Advice for a Jolly Day at Home for Women

This is a good sign of a compassionate woman to look for ideas and tips to make her mate happy. You are reading this post; hence you belong to this good category. We understand, it is tough to make men happy with the entire endeavor made by you when being at home is the only option. Yet there are some tips you can apply to have a great romantic day with your man.

1. Remain in Bed the Whole Day

Sound weird? Actually it’s not. We meant it. Just think when was the last time your partner had a full day out of the work. Grab the breakfast into the bed and watch film of common interest and relax. Cuddle, have a pillow war, do some wrestling on the best and enjoy. Your day is wonderful, fun and unique this way. Just give it a try.


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2. Get him a Massage at Home

This would make him feel wonderful. Men are lazy to go out believe me. Having a massage at home adds to it .so give him a warm soothing body massage. Have some candles lit them, freshen up the room with aromatic candles; lighten up the room with some yellow diffused light. Play the ultimate romantic song list and dive into the romantic massage. You can learn a lot about massage tricks from Internet or can add your tricks too. Beware! Do it correctly and learn how not to perform massage.


3. Turn Up the Heat

How? Don’t take it that way if not in a mood, just make use of fireplace if you have one in your house ,light it up, grab Champagne or red wine, and complementary items according to your choice preferable hic choice. Treat your dude to a night of cuddling and staying in. The best part? You will both feel tranquility and serenity. Relax!


4. Make a Meal

All men love food. Best way to get love out of the man is to feed his stomach. Simple yet effective! Make sure he is hungry if not wait for the hunger to dominate his mind. Now your turn hit the iron. Find out his favorite meal and cook together. It would be fun. If you don’t know cooking, you have the phone and order Pizza, a win situation.

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5. Send him on a Hunt

Play scavenger hunt. Make sure only he knows the answer. Write clues to the next location. Reward him each time for the right hunt. This way it would be fun yet romantic.


6. Play Strip Poker

This is a good way to make the environment hot. Have different layers of sensual cloths to make it hotter. When you are the only one in the home and such kind of activity is fair for the partners. There is nothing wrong and shameful about. So play and enjoy. In case you both get strong feelings, you can go for intimate acts (You know what I mean right?)

Hope you loved them. Let us know via comment section.

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