How to Avoid Too Many Questions From a Girl on First date

Dating couples
Dating couples

Dating couple

Prohibit Your Girlfriend from unnecessary Interrogation

Hey man , congrats for the first date. A pat on back for you for winning the heart from a girl. this article is for the dude who wants not to feel like on a hot seat and get bombarded with questions from girl. She probably wants to know more about you, that’s natural . But it is uneasy for the guy to answer all as we man don’t like to talk much. It’s a first date, not an interview for the job. Its alright to answer some question yet you probably don’t discuss in the form of questionnaire right? Here are some tips that will help you get rid her questions.

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1. Changing the topic.

Changing the topic is the best way yet sometimes this can send bad signals of  not caring for here. Be clever here. What you can do is to wait for the waiter till just respond hmm, oh yeah rather than reciprocating her and responding in such a way that give her a chance to ask one more question. Remember smile all the time even if you don’t feel like. Let some creases around your eyes else she would know you are faking a smile.

2. Be Genuine

Most of the time its good to be natural and tell directly. If don’t feel like answering on a certain topic just tell her, she would understand.

When she stop discussing then you start something that you like to discuss. Girls just don’t like to be silent , they wants the conversation keep going.

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3. Keep quiet for a moment

Remaining silence for long in a date will makes the date uneasy and increases the probability of repeating the same topic. But while discussion take a pause and quiet for a moment, this will let you think deeper on a particular topic and help you with deeper thought to answer. A wise man first think before formatting the words out of the mouth.

4. Put the ball in her court

Use an invasive answer. This is the best way to turn the question away of you. For example you can say “that’s an interesting question, what would you say about that?” This would prevent you from commenting the illogical.

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5. Overstepping the line

Such situation arises when your date get carried away unintentionally  and ask you something that is uncomfortable to you. You can gently tap on her shoulder saying with a humorous tone “do you always ask such intimate questions on your first date?”. You need to hide the uneasy expressions here and smile. Reassure your date that you are not really upset with the question you just don’t want to answer.


So these were some tips. Hope it would help you in some way. We will update more after interviewing the experts. Till then stay tuned .



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