How To: “8 Effective Ways To Mend (Heal) Your Broken Heart”

ways to heal your heart

ways to heal your heart

ways to heal your heart

Some Methods that would Heal you Broken Heart 

A great guy once said, “to fall in love awfully simple but to fall out of love is simply awful”. This is closer for the ones who wanted the relation to last forever or last long the least. We have plenty of examples for people who fell for love. We, our friends and sometimes we know about acquaintances in love. We also witness that there is majority also, who have once had a broken heart.

To stop loving isn’t an option. Author Henri Nouwen writes, “When those you love deeply reject you, Leave you, or die, your heart will be broken. But that should not hold you back from loving deeply. The Pain that  comes from deep love makes your love ever more fruitful.”

Mending a broken heart is never a quick fix. We even don’t have full proved remedy to heal it yet there are several measures that we can follow to ease the pain and somewhat heal a broken heart.

Kindly follow the following tips as these are collected from the researches and expert’s suggestion.

1. Acceptance

Let me explain it in simpler words. Suppose you have a white solid cloth and by someone it got a dirty patch on it. Now you go for washing. You have two cases – accept or ignore the fact. If you don’t accept it that it is dirty on a particular area and you will keep washing it without emphasizing that particular area. What will happen? It will be there. No matter how hard and how much detergent you have used on other part of it. So acceptance is all that need to do first. Accept that you are broke and you feel pain.

After acceptance now follow proceeding tips.

2. Endeavor for Detaching

You want to get rid of that burning pain right? So remember, “Attachment leads to suffering” it is written in the holy book of Hindus that “attachment” is the root of suffering. Don’t try to get her /him back rather detach you from all those chains.

Note: You don’t need to feel good. Happiness is within. Do not find happiness on exterior physical objects.

3. Focus on your strengths

Each one of has great strength. We only need to focus on them. We are stronger than them the mountain believe us. So make a list of what qualities that you have. Make your self-esteem file. Surf inters net for how to make self-high self-esteem and you will find plenty of stuff. Adjust give it a try.


Taking part into physical activities created again positive hormones and reduces cortisol hormone which is the stress hormone.

  • do some running
  • Take swimming classes
  • Join Gym
  • Visit Boxing club

These will keep you busy and there will be new environment with new people filled with energy.

5. Make a good and bad list

This part is crucial in mending your broken heart why? Because if you are not aware of that you like and what saddens you, you can’t go any further to the way of fixed heart. Your girlfriend has left you and you still check her profile then its sure that this is painful each time you see her with some boy. Take this part in the bad list and follow. Delete voice calls, message history etc. is the good list.

6. Cry and laugh

Everyone knows that laughing secretes a feel good hormone but few know that when we are really sad and tears come naturally, we too have secretion of substances that reduces the stress hormone. The research is done by a French Biochemist “William Frey”.

Go to a lonely place, cry cry and let the tears come off your eyes. When you are done with crying then try to laugh. You can try to laugh with some comedy films etc.

7. Help Someone

When we do ‘good’ to someone, we do ‘good’ to ourselves indirectly. This is utterly true. Helping someone who is in need is the best anecdote for any pain. It created miracle. Go to some charity house, donate some money or if you can’t help economically then spend some time with the disabled children or visit old house. You will there feel that there are more pain in life than what are you being upto. Believe us, you would feel better.

8. Search Hope

For every night we have a down. It is cliché phrase yet very true and it always makes its place in any pain or despair topic. For every negative thought you need to focus on three positive things to get it all balanced.


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