20 Home-made greeting cards for Valentine’s Day

floral patern home made card


Make cute simple greeting cards for your partner

Happy “Valentine’s Day” to all the readers. Love is all around. Everyone has started its preparations for the Valentine day 2015. Don’t you lag behind, fellas. The best way to make your boyfriend loved is to make a home -made greeting card. This is what most of the Love and Dating experts suggest partners to become a good couple.

You have read in many posts or might have told you by some love Guru as a tip to make some DIY personalized stuff like a card for the mate. This is true and immensely helps in developing a strong and healthy bond between lovers.

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We have this post for all the girls and Boys too (pat on back if you are a male for making good efforts for your girl). We have 20 simple yet beautiful cards that you can make at home by yourself. We have collected these so that you can make by yourself without wasting too much time on videos showing how to craft it. The reason is simple we all are born with this quality which we call “visual learning”

These cards are so easy that you can make them by just having looks on them while into action. So without wasting too much of your time surfing Internet for DIY cards just pick up –

  1. The scissors
  2. Glue
  3. Elegant papers
  4. Other decorative stuff according your need..

And go for card making.

Do It Yourself Cards are as Follows:-

Home made greeting card
















Handmade Valentine













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valentine-   Owl Valentine Card








Hope you enjoy watching and learning. If you have one share with us through comment box or If you have made any , no matter how it looks, let us know that too.

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