Happy Valentines Day 2016

Cupid is synonymous with love and that means that as Valentine’s Day approaches we definitely need to be aware of the God of Love called Cupid. How do you identify Cupid The boy with wings and having the bows and arrows is definitely Cupid. Mythology For Romans he is the Cupid and son of Venus and For Greeks he is Eros, the son of Aphrodite who is the goddess of love and beauty Arrows – The emotions of love and the feeling of love that we have within and when arrows strike we tend to have those emotions stirred so that we fall in love. He has two kinds of arrows one is gold headed for falling in love and one is lead headed for falling in hatred.

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The story of Cupid and Psyche is heart wrenching story or true love and desire. Venus the mother of Cupid was jealous of Psyche and ordered her son to punish Psyche but instead Cupid fell in love with Psyche. But Psyche was a mortal being and was forbidden to look at Cupid. On the insistence of the wishes of her sisters she looked at Cupid and that act caused Cupid to leave her. As she was all alone she while wandering came upon a temple of Venus and Venus was trying to punish her so she gave a box to Psyche and asked her to go to underworld and get the beauty of Proserpine , wife of Pluto into it. She was give strict instruction about not opening the box but temptation overcame her and she opened the box which caused her to be in deep slumber Cupid found her and took her sleep and put it back in the box. This undying love of the Psyche with Cupid caused her to be forgiven and she also became a goddess. Cupid has definitely now a part of the Valentine’s Day history.

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Love And Life Poems Love is the essence of life.

Unrequited love is the saddest part of life. Love makes one compromise and also understand a completely different perspective. Love seems to be in the eyes of a person. Expressing love through words is most essential. Sincere love is lasting and fulfilling. Love comes at all ages and is perpetual. Along with love, there is strife and misunderstanding. Love surpasses all struggles and oppositions. Love is enriching and stands by you when you are alone. Love is God. A poem about unfulfilled love: If I had known it from the start, I wouldn’t have left it effect my heart. Stolen glances always told me.You were mine forever to be.Things you did made me feel,You cared for me a great deal.In subtle ways we did express, But love we did suppress.

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There is scent in the air I hear a whisper Waiting for the dawn To catch a glimpse of you A tinge of pain A new aim in life Secret wishes For love in this life. During times of loneliness, I find you close to my heart. The attention you give me I treasure. To hear your talking is always my pleasure. The understanding between us, I wish should stay. Sharing the joys and grief,In this life’s array. Often in moments of solitude. I wonder Who would it be? with whom this life I shall share.

In tempestuous moments and in sunshine I wonder! Whom I can call mine?Like a candle in dark nights, Like a daisy in life’s garden, I wish someone along my side,When life’s path begins to harden.Often in moments of solitude.

I wonder…..Who would it be?with whom this life I shall share.
Yearning : I heard my name being called No it was not the doorbell I felt the tap on my shoulder A silhouette of my beloved I see you everywhere, I miss you each time.Words fail me When I meet you What is expression? In a glance? In a smile? No answers. But only feelings. Love certainly does strange things.

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