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Roses For Love Birds

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Say Happy Rose Day 2016  in Cute and Sweet Gujarati language

Welcome all the love birds, Welcome to our website which we have dedicated this time to Valentine’s Day. Today is the first day of the Valentine’s week: The Rose Day 2016.

Everyone, To be precise, every person in love, knows of this day and what it stands for. One of the most beautiful expression of love is offering a rose to the significant other.

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We have prepared a good collection of “Happy rose day” wishes and SMS messages specifically for this occasion.

And when it comes to celebrating love, what better place than Gujarat, the land of Lord Krishna, greatest symbol of love and the land of “Daandiya”, the dance form that love birds all over India are crazy about. And so for the people of Gujarat, we have created this post in their honour.

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Here are some of the best Happy Rose day 2015 sms, messages and wishes in Gujarati language. Hope you will like them. Send these to your better half and make a lasting impression. We will not ask you to post these on Facebook, Twitter or any instant messaging service because you already are best judge of and know well what suits you best.

Tutla spna ne sjavta avde 6e,
ruthla dil ne mnavta avde 6e,
tme amara ZAKHMO ne joine
PRESHAN naa thayo,
amne to dard maa pan hasta avde 6e.
Happy Rose Day

Khubo bhari ne vhal moklu 6u,
dosti naa thoda swal moklu 6u,
gum bdha rehava didha 6e ,
mari paase tmne dar 1 pal
KHUSHALI moklu 6u.
Happy Rose Day

Yad amar che jindgi ni safar maa,
ame to 6upavi lidhi 6e tasveer jevan maa,
kem uchi kri sakiye tmari yaad jevan maa,
Yadgar cho tme to sada amari naZar maa.
Happy Rose Day

Utri gya 6e e najar thi hriday sudhi,
phonchi gayi 6e vat hove to prnay sudhi,
aa intejar ne mja etli gami,
k josu ame to rah emni prlay sudhi.
Happy Rose Day

Mara Shbdo Mne Pagal Sabit Kre 6e,
Hu Janu 6u K Sacho Prem 1 Pagal J Kre 6e,
Hasy Patr Banyo 6u.
Zmani Njaro Ma,Hu Pan Hasyo Hto.
Pan Prem Ma To Rda-vaani Alag Mja 6e.
Happy Rose Day

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