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Happy Promise Day 2016

A promise is an act of trust, an act in which you vow to someone that no matter what, you’ll stick to the very last word that you say. It might seem a bit odd that how does Promise day fits in the fest of love- Valentine week. Believe us, it perfectly blends in. Love is in itself a promise that you made with somebody to keep it while sharing all joys and sorrows.

A promise have both, a negative and a positive manifestation.When you promise somebody on a positive note it brings a positive aspect to that person but bring forth a negative one for you as well as it becomes your responsibility from there on to keep the promise. It kind of becomes a liability for you but the one you have promised will take it as your assurance to him/her.

But, a promise made while in true love is a lot different from regular promises. A promise made in love, may or may not have moral obligations towards the society because when in love, morality is not that much an influencing factor, what matters most is that smile on your lover’s face when you fulfill your promise. Our advise is to simply keep your promises to your love but being practical would be a nice idea, promise him/her something that they value, not something you can’t afford to lay your hands on.

It would be a nice idea this promise day to send Promise day greetings and wishes to your loved ones. So we suggest you to make a collection of Promise day Wishes and quotes that you ought to send your dear ones. If you like them, we would urge you to share them on your social media accounts to let your loved ones know that you do care about them. A very Happy Promise day.

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