Happy New Year 2016 Messages



New is the time when we meet our friends during the parties, clubs, pubs, shopping malls, restaurants, etc. Majority of the population is busy buying of gifts for the beloved. The gift without a message is incomplete right?

New Year Funny Memes 2016

So here we are with the messages that you can quote with the New Year gifts. Before opening the gift there is the tendency of reading the message that you write on it for the taker. That small moment makes the receiver blissful and being loved by you.


This blog post is dedicated for the people who need help with the messages for New Year 2016.

We have collected the best New Year messages you can send them via social networking sites and mobile to them.

These are as follows:


This new year wash away the old memories and welcome the new beginning.


May you achieve success in every facets of life with all the wisdom that experience can infuse in all. Loads of Luck and wishes. Happy New Year.


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If you are sad cry a river, build a bridge, and get over it. Celebrate the new year. Wish you a Happy New Year.

Leave behind few dreams and reality….few tears and smiles. Some sunshine along with few rain drops. Walk into the New Year with the hope to perform better than your last day’s performance.


The last year has been definitely different in all aspects. Thank you for making a difference, be it personal or professional. Wish you a wonderful year ahead.


An awkward question. A difficult answer. An embarrassing truth. A flattering lie. A frank yes. A blunt no. A curt good bye. A sincere sorry. A heart felt thanks. Make the most of every moment. Leave nothing unsaid… have a very truthful and meaningful New Year.



Wishing you a very happy New Year! May the New Year bring joy and success to you and your family!


The warmth of the sun,

The pleasant breeze of the spring time,

A sheltering angel, so nothing can harm you on the New Year and always. Happy New Year.


May the rays of the sun throughout the day,

be with you, in everything you do.

May all those who you love bring love back to you,

and hope that all your wishes comes true.


May the good Lord give you healthy years to live,

He knows all that you need…

The earth has angels all too few

And God will send you all the angel to have a wonderful life ahead. Wish you a Happy New Year.



The love that you give away must come back to you.

The one who doesn’t love you

the good lord will give them a heart,

which will be filled with love and hope.

Let the love in their heart touch you in every phase of life.

The love and hope will stay in your heart today and always.



New Year Funny Memes 2016

May you have the evergreen thoughts.

May you have sweet memories in your heart.

May all days in your life be as bright as a the sun.

Hope that all the hours in your life be as beautiful as you.



May you always all bright days in a year.

The stars and the moon will shower their blessing to you.

There will be laughter and hope in your heart.

All the desires and wish for you will true today and always for you.

Let all the days in your life be filled with fun.


Let there be enough work for you,

Let there be enough money in your pocket,

Let there be sunshine in all your windows,

Let the rainbow touch your heart,

Let there be friends around you,

Let God give you all the love and mercy to be happy every day!



On this New Year and today I wish you a heavy pocket and a light heart,

Let mother luck kiss your feet and you shine like the sun.


Let there be shower of flowers in your path.

May the birds sing all songs for you in the New Year.

Let all the colors of the rainbow be with you.

May there be happiness and peace in everything you do.

Wish you a Happy New Year.




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