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According to the historians, civilization around the world has been celebrating New Year for around 4 millennia. Today, most New year’s preparation starts earlier with 8-10 days earlier from the New year Eve all over the world which is the last day of the Gregorian calendar. It continues to early hours of 1st January- The first day of the year. Though, not all of the world’s civilizations celebrate the New Year event in the month of January. India and China, two of the most ancient civilizations have their new years in months different from the established January 1s but still in the wave of the modernity and due to the official calendars of the government following the new Gregorian calendar, most of them now celebrate it on January 1st.

happy new year messages

Usual tradition for new year celebration includes attending parties, going disco, eating New year’s food and making resolutions for the new year and enjoying fireworks etc.

Spain and Spanish-speaking nations celebrate it with bolting of grapes which is symbolized their positive hopes for the New Year. Italian people cook food with leguminous plant product which symbolized the coins and wealth for the New Year. Mexico, Greece, Netherlands, Bake ring-shaped cakes while Sweden and Norway have rice puddings with the almonds inside it. They believe finding the nut brings good fortune for the coming year. Countries like Cuba, Austria, Portugal, Hungry have pork on their table for the New Year celebration.


Having being said these things, New Year 2016 is again on the verge of coming. Sending cards, greetings etc is also one of the popular traditions being followed by people all over the world. With the advent of latest technologies, Ecards, greetings and wishing beloved by means of electronics have become fashion. Understanding the need of the people we have collected some best Happy New year 2016 cards for you. Below are the links.

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New year celebration in Asian countries also includes organizing parties, dancing singing, preparing delicious foods both sweet and salty, organizing tours, cruises etc.

India and the neighboring countries with the Hindu culture follow same traditions such as doings puja, visiting a temple and family gatherings, etc.

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For the people of India a developing country with the potential emerging as a superpower, we have gathered some Happy New Year Wishes, Shayari Messages etc in popular regional languages. Below are the links, click the link as per your wish and send them this new year to your love, relatives or friends.

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Our team is wishing you Happy New Year 2016. People are curiously waiting for the New Year arrival and the celebration. People too are looking forward to knowing new unique ways of wishing people. So, we have decided to tell our readers and visitors about our new collection of 2016. Sending messages are the oldest tradition of sharing wishes.


New year, might sound like a simple term- rolling out of a new calendar year. For many of us, it resonates with the ending of the ongoing calendar year but as you may or may not know that it is but a partial truth.

The new year we celebrate today is at the end of one Gregorian calendar year which means at the end of the month of December. But many ancient civilizations like the Indian and Chinese and many communities and religions have their fair share of new years in different parts of a year. Now the question arises as to how come so much diversity in the new year celebration?

The answer to the above question is because, with the evolution of different cultures, communities and civilizations, the development of calendar system took place. And with the development of calendar year developed the need to have a beginning and ending of a year. To cater to this need for having a beginning and an end, various cultures have their new year beginnings dedicated to a particular occasion, take for example the Indian new year where they have their new year in the spring season, similarly, the Chinese have their new year in the month of February.

New Year Celebrations and January 1st as the First Day

Now the next question that arises is that is the new year celebration a recent phenomenon or do we have instances in history where we found the testimony of people celebrating the arrival of new year. The answer to these poignant questions would be simply a no because the new year is being celebrated for thousand of years, the earliest recorded testimony in this context are the festivities in the Babylonian era where they marked the arrival of the new year with a massive religious festival known as Akita. The present calendar in which January 1st is the first day of the year was introduced by Roman emperor Julius Caesar. Prior to that Roman calendar had 10 months or 304 days. Later some institutions and people shifted the new year to 25 December. In 1582, with the Pope Gregory VIII re-establishing January 1st as the first day of the new year, the new year date is unchanged since then.

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