Happy Independence Day 2015 Shayari Sms Sayings Quotes


India is a huge country both in terms of its area and population which include immensely varied heritage. India is on the fast track of progress after Independence on 15 August 1947 from the British Rule.

India holds people following different religions, speaking different languages, wears different clothes, eat different food but still, the common thread of love for the country holds us together. This is the quality of Indian culture.

The feeling of oneness aids us in framing the political life of India. Our country provides full Independence to practice any religion. But to use it for degrading the values and spreading blind faith is prohibited by the Indian government.

 Mental unity is crucial too to protect the interest of the people in India and the country.Any person cannot repay one’s mother and motherland. India is our motherland and we will protect it with the best we can.

For the occasion of Indian Independence Day we have collected some best happy Independence 2015 quotes, wishes, sayings and Shayari. some are as follows however other will be available in the links provided links.

  • Flexibility within the Brain, Belief within the words. Pleasure in your People.. We will salute the country about this Independence  Day time!


  • Enroll in fingers with Hands, Bold Indians! By simply uniting most of us stand by separating most of us slip.


Flexibility as the primary goal, hope with Phrases, memories in your People, pride in your Coronary heart!

The only the penitentiary we need to evade may be the penitentiary of our intellects, Start your intellects and feel the overall flexibility… Satisfied Independence Day time!

thirty-one Says, 1618 Different languages, 6400 Castes, 6 Religion, 6 Ethnic Teams, 30 Key festivals 1 Nation.

We will Acquire Choice, a couple of Benefit Our Country should certainly not 4get Those Eschew Exactly who Offered People Flexibility!

Goodness grants or loans freedom just to people who like it, and therefore generally want to shield this and protect this.

Patriotism is doing your entire do the job within the Greatest Awareness from the NATION D YOUR COUNTRYMEN. VANDE MATARAM!!

Transported after due thought, lined with pride, dipped with appreciate, take flight with wonder, moments involving overall flexibility with color involving happiness. Extremely pleased a couple of be a great Native Indian!

Talk about the particular heart involving overall flexibility, joy and affluence in Independence Day time.


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