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Teddy day is fourth of the seven days of valentine week, it is celebrated to commemorate the essence of love, that is to take care of each other’s emotion and making them know there feeling does matter in your life.

Teddy day is named after the Teddy bears which are one of the most iconic of the children’s toys. The name Teddy in itself is named after the US President Theodore Roosevelt, Jr.,whose apparently benevolent deed of not killing a Bear while he had the chance but later commanding to kill him to relieve the bear out of misery, this resulted in variety of cartoons where Roosevelt was shown with a small bear, seeing those cartoons Morris Michtom in the US and Richard Steiff in Germany developed and named these toy bears after President Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt, Jr., the teddy bear became an iconic children’s toy, celebrated in story, song, and film. But their cuteness didn’t remain confined to children and with the passage of time they became a hit among couples and became the most popular gifts to be given to adults to signify affection and love for the one to be gifted with.

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 Teddy day is to celebrate this feeling of love by gifting someone a teddy bear and what better way to tell your love feelings by sending them teddy with cute SMS wishes on teddy day. And so to commemorate this day, we give you best SMS Wishes to accompany the teddy gifts you are giving to your loved ones.

Hug Day 2016 Quotes Wishes in Hindi

Agar aap ek teddy hote;

To hum apne paas rakh lete;

Daal ke apni jholi mein;

Sath sath apne le chalte;

Hug kar Ke Roz Raat Ko; Apne sang Sulaate.

Bhej Raha hun Teddy Pyaar se;

Rakhna ise Tum Samhal ke;

Ho mohabbat agar mujhse;

to bhej dena ek teddy Mujhe bhi pyaar se.

Agar aap ek teddy hote;

To hum apne paas rakh lete;

Daal ke apni jholi mein;

Sath sath apne le chalte;

Hug kar Ke Roz Raat Ko;

Apne sang Sulaate.

Teddy Day 2015 Quotes Wishes in Bengali

Govir Jorna dharar shobde,Kkhnu
ki porbe amay mone?Naye ba poruk
mone ami tomake rakhib soda sorone.

Ey amar roylo protissuti

Happy Hug day 2016

Kkhon katbe rater adhar, kkhon dekha debe vorer alo

Somoy je amar katche na,Monta je r manche na.

Ecche korche dub dite tomari hat dore valobashar sagore.

Happy Hug day 2016


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Monta amar manena amar valentine keno ashe na.

Koto valentine ashe jay otcho tar kono khobor nay.

Chule je amar pakhon doreche hay!!

Valentine tomar opekkhaye sudhu tomar

Hug Day 2016 Quotes Wishes in Punjabi

Kise Nu Shaunk Kudian Naal Hasan Hasaun De,

Kise Nu Shaunk Kudian Fasaun De,

Par Saade Shaunk Avalle Ne yaaroan,

Saadi Nigaah ich te Kudian Yaaran To Thalle Ne

Bas change Yaaran naal hi iss samaj ich balle balle ne

Hug Day 2016 Quotes Wishes in Marathi

पाहशील जिथे जिथे नजर उचलून

मीच असेल उभा ओठांवर स्मित घेऊन :)

आलेत कधी जर तुझ्या डोळ्यात दुखांचे अश्रू

तुला सुखाचे आनंदाश्रू तिथे तिथे देऊन!!

grishmat paus padtil ase dhag asavet

na magta sobat detil ase MITRA asavet

iche tiche karde karde pai

barech divas jale tumcha sms yet nay

tumhala bird flue zale ki kay ?

Rang-gandhachya utsavat

Samil hou ya sarejan

Gudhipadvyachya shubhecha deun

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