“Best” Holi 2016: Wishes| Quotes| sms |Shayari in Hindi Marathi-Significance

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Best Happy Holi 2016: Wishes, Quotes, sms, Shayari in Hindi, Marathi; legends, Significance, Images

Wow! The most awaited festival of Indian – The Holi.  In this post we will cover almost everything that you need to know and require like Holi celebration in India, Happy Sms wishes to share on facebook and Whatsapp or any other networking medium. We have Hindi, Marathi, Shayari and poems that you can dedicate to your relatives and friends to whom you want to wish Happy Holi 2016. Amidst this post we have shared some links that will be helpful for most of the Holi enthusiasts. Apart from that we will be showing some links that might be useful for people who speak their own Indian language or dialect. In short this article will cover all the Indian in one place.

“Holi Hai” “Holi Aayi” are the phrases which are about to be spoken in the houses, streets and other social gatherings. When the Holi word impacts our ears, our tendency to imagine ‘Abir Gulal’, ‘Gujiya’ and people submerged in bright enticing colors is usual.

Holi marks it the end of the long winter and rejoice the bloom of the spring time. It is the best way to feel the end of chilling weather.

Many days Before Holi, Markets and Hawkers are flooded with the Items related to Holi that include Holi Colors in every hues, decorative house items, Gifts and sweets. Colors are the main Items without which Holi holds no meaning. So popular colors that are widely used during Holi are: Pink, Green, Yellow, magenta, Blue, etc. Shopping such colors with ‘Pichkari’, water balloons etc. are blissful and fun.

Children have different plans to make Holi the Best day for them. They are normally seen with their friends in small troops completely patched with colors. They are so much dived into colors that it became nearly impossible to recognize.

One drawback of Holi used to have been artificial synthetic colors which left skin problems but now people have become aware and show it by using natural colors which are made of flowers of Tesu and Palash. These colors have soothing aroma and benefits skins.

Seniors are no less than children when we talk about enthusiasm. They also move in their “Toli”, greets Happy Holi, Share Hugs, sweets etc. Other activities include dancing, singing, drinks, delicious food tasting etc.

Holi Rituals and Tradition

Ancient festival Holi is celebrated by certain set of rituals that are followed with care and enthusiasm. India being a land of religion follows strong ethics

Preparation : weeks before Holi, people start collecting wood for the bonfire that is called the ‘Holika’ in every society and across every streets. They ensure a good heap of logs so that they can have a long night bonfire.

Holika Dahan celebration and Story

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Significance Of Holi

Holi is important festival because it comes at the mutation time of winter to spring. Climate changes and brings freshness ,joy , bless etc to the live of people. People remain tired and lethargic due to winter. Body remains inactive and strained. Holi celebration in the month of March in India is seen as breaking the shell of lethargy and conversion into a butterfly spreading the wings that is ready to fly in the sky.

Mythological significance of Holi

On the eve of Holi, the pile of wood that Holi enthusiasts have gathered, Bonfire is set. The belief behind it is the popular story that is connected with it.

Hiranyakashyapu was a demon king who considered himself as God and wanted people to worship him. But his son “Prahlad” was a great devotee of Lord Vishnu.. The act of worshipping Vishnu by his own son was a disgrace for him and that was also not in agreement with the Demon Culture. Hence he tried to kill his son by every possible way he could.

He had sister that was blessed by god that she cannot be killed by fire could not cause her any harm. Hiranyakashyapu asked his sister to have “Prahlad” on her lap with the blazing fire around. When she attempted, she herself got burned and killed while “Prahlad” was perfectly well. It is believed that thereon Holika Dahan celebration came into play.

Holika Dahan” symbolizes the triumph of goodness over evil.

Some people bring the embers from Holika Dahan to their homes as a good luck and charm. They place “Tika” of that ash on their forehead which is also considered divine and auspicious.

Other Legends associated with Holi

Story of Krishna and Radha is also popular in Uttar Pradesh and other neighboring states of North India. It is believed that Krishna used to apply colors to Radha and other Gopis to play with them and make fun of them. Later it became a trend of using different colors to have fun and spread joy with friends

One more story also relates to this. When Krishna was infant, Ogress Pootna hijacked lord Krishna and feed her poisonous milk to him but unexpected happened. Pootna died of such act and Krishna was harmless. In south India a different story is associated with Holi celebration that will come further in this post.


Cultural Significance 

Various legends that are integrated with Holi simply represent the victory of good and truth over Evil. People follow culture to attain the sense of good moral human being and endeavor to humanity. All these help individuals follow good conduct in their lives and have strong belief in the virtue of truthfulness. This is extremely important in the current day society where so many people torcher innocents for the small gain.

Holi helps people to bring society together and strengthen the secular fabric of India which it is known for. Holi not only is celebrated by Hindus but by Muslims, Sikhs, jains, Christians communities in India.

Dhuleti or Dulendi Celebration

The next day is the main day –the Holi. There is no particular ritual like Puja that we normally come across in any other Hindu festival or any other religious ceremony in India. Holi in North India is seen as the pinnacle place. Holi in “Vrindavan” and “Mathura” is unique and people from around the world visit these places. An example is “Lathmar Holi” which is world famous.

People use lots of colors and colored water with friends on “Dhuleti”. It is also called as wet Holi .  Spraying water, Pouring buckets and buckets with colors is the reason for calling so. Amidst such fun they also relish+ their taste buds with savory food items that are cooked for the occasion.

Apart from this they also drink “Thandai” which is added with Bhang. It further enhances the fun associated with Holi.


Holi celebration in south India

In south India, worshipping Kamadeva, god of love, is worshipped. He, according to mythology, is responsible for love and affection that kindle between sexes. People follow the legend that is associated with his sacrifice. The legend speaks that he shot an arrow of love on Lord Shiva to break his meditation and evoke his interest in worldly affairs which was of huge importance at the time. Lord Shiva broke into anger and he was killed by his fire of anger.

People in south India also celebrate it by spreading love, forgetting their grudge and resentment, which is the true message of Holi. Holi promotes good health message. In south India people also put “Chandan”(sandalwood) and “Vibhuti” (ash from Holika Daahan) to calm themselves and stay away from evil spirits. People clean up their houses like in Diwali or any similar festival to keep a refreshing calm and hygienic environment.


Hindi Holi Shayari sms wishes For Facebook and Whatsapp

Below we have collected some of the best sms wishes and Shayari in Hindi and Marathi which you can send to your friends and relatives on the occasion of Holi. We all wants to make the people that we know and care about, have the bliss and joy in their life. On this joyful day sending some beautiful words is the simplest effort that you can make to bring smile on their face. We hope that you would appreciate the endeavor that we made.


Nature ka har rang aap par barse

Har koi aapse Khelne Ko tarse

Rang de aapko Ko sab milkar itna

Ki vah rang utarne ko tarse

Happy Holi 2016


Holi me jab tak hurdang na ho
Bhabhi aur dewar ka sang na ho
Choti saali se chhina jhapti na no
Thodi si usse liptaa lipti na ho
Tab tak holi kya holi hain
Varnaa rang thiotholi hain

Happy Holi 2016


Jeewan ke har rang dosto se hai,

Koi Laal, Koi Neela, Koi Hara,Koi Peela

Par jab bhi aapko dekhte hai dil

bus yehi puchta hai.

Yeh naya rang konsa hai.

Happy Holi 2016


Awesome Hindi Happy Holi sms quotes wishes for Friends


Pichkari ki Dhar,

Gulal ki bauchar,

Apno ka pyar,

Yahi hai yaaron holi ka tyohar.


Khuda kare har saal chand ban k aaye

Din ka ujala shan ban k aaye

Kabhi dur na ho apke chehre se hansi

Ye Holi Ka tyohar aisa mehman ban k aaye..


Funny sms Happy Holi 2016 sms wishes


Jo poori sardi nahi nahaaye,

Ho rahi unko nehlane ki taiyari,

Baahar nahi tum aaye toh,

Ghar me aakar maarenge pichkari


Holi k din aisi shaan ho aap ki

Rango sey bhari shaam ho aapki,

Zindagi ka sirf ek ho maksad,

Ki langur sey unchi chalaang ho aapki.

Wish You Happy Holi 2016


Aapne dil ka haal batana chod diya,

Hamne bhi gehrai me jana chod diya.

Socha tha jamke rangenge apko is bar,

Areeeeey lekin ye kya ?

Holi se pehle aapne nahana chod diya.

Holi Mubarak ho


Happy Holi Marathi sms Shayari Wishes

Maharashtra is one of the biggest states in size as well as in terms of population in India. Mumbai is the cosmopolitan city that holds many dwellers all over the country. Holi is also a major event in Maharashtra. Send these sms Shayari in Marathi to your Maratha friends. They will truly love your efforts. Jai Holi and Jai Maratha


Holi Dar Varshi Yet

Aani sarvana rangun jate

Te rang nighun ja

Pan tumachya premacha rang tasach rahto





Jivnachya watewar Kalyanche bandh futun jatat,

Wahun jate sahwasache pani,

Tarihi Maitricha Ankur tag dharun rahto…

Karan bhijat rahtat tya Aathavani


Independence Day Shayari SMS in Hindi English

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