How To Know if Someone Loves you or Not?





5 Ways to Know If Somebody is in Love with You Or Not

That is surely a mind boggling question over which you can lost your appetite. The feeling that accompanies this question is even stranger. Part of your brain tells you, yes/she he do, other part tells he/she doesn’t. But what if there are certain things that you can do in order to ascertain what’s lying deep inside the burrow of his/her heart. You would certainly like to give those things a try, don’t you?

Here we are telling five of the many stuff you ought to do in order to dig the secret out of him. We will start with Stranger phase, if you are already through with it; Feel freer than free to move on to the next step.

Note: In these following Points we have used “him, his, and he” from a female’s perspective however the post is 100 percent applicable to both female and male.

 1. Observation

Observation comes handy when in love. A good lover is a better observer.Observe him, is he aware of your presence. If he is aware then is he giving you a sneaky look? If he is, make sure it is not your friend whom he is looking for. To confirm this stand-alone somewhere nearby her and pretend like you are doing something and is not aware of his presence. Still you find the same response. Move ahead with the next step.

 2. Interaction

Irrespective of whether it is a he, the very first step is to initiate with a chat howsoever little it may be. Having chatted with him gives your confidence an extra mile boost. This is the fundamental step for which you’ve to step out of your cozy comfort zone.

3. Notice What He Talks

When through with initial talks’ phase and Gone are the You-And-Me-Are-Stranger types of days then comes the days of advanced level of talks. If he wants to know more and more about you, in other words he starts to take interest in your life, do take it as a hint. That also implies that she is taking more time with you, enjoying your company. And if during the talks you feel like the matters are being more than usually futuristic, that means he starts talking about future more often, it implies that he is telling somebody he feels comfortable to tell. Take interest, notice his expressions.

 4. Your Presence Is Valued

He is with his friends and suddenly you walk by them. He is more than happy to take a leave from company of his friends in order to join you. Of course you can take a clue from this but real test is when you are with him and his friends are along with you and still you are the one whom presence is of utmost value to him. Then you have more than one clue to take out of this.

 5. Can’t Stay Mad At You For Long

You forgot something holding personally a high value to him e.g. his birthday or you did something wrong that was hurtful for him or you had a fight with his best friend (Not necessary a physical one, verbal only will do). These were some of the scenario in which he can get mad or worse case, extremely mad at you. You tried every possible means available in every book but he is unfazed by each and every one, now what will you do. Just apologize to him, if he is into you, it will be impossible for him to stay mad at you.


These were five of many stuffs those are worth giving a try and there are thousands more to find the answer to the eternal question, “Does he love me?”. But we tried to keep it as practical as it can be. May He Love You. Best Wishes.

A Friendly Note: Do notice if he does something for you, appreciate it and Please, Please do not try to over-analyze or over-observe him, that may harm your perspective a lot.


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