12 Cute-Sweet Things To Say to Your *Girlfriend*

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There’s an old saying, “What’s world can’t achieve, words can”. This fits perfectly in a relationship. When in a relationship, it is of utmost importance to tell your partner from time to time how you feel about them and why are they so special for you. This helps in strengthening the emotional bond between the two of you. And, even better, it makes their day. So we will tell you a list of good things to say to your partner and the circumstances in which to say and in some cases what to do while saying. To make it simpler we will put it in male perspective towards female partner. Most of them are equally applicable if the scenario is reversed.

1. “Never saw such a beautiful sunshine early in the morning”.

Best way to compliment her whenever she meets you in morning. This shows her that you do believe her as yours.


2. “Take Your Time, I am in no rush”.

You can say this while she’s gone shopping with you and it’s taking more than usual time, she knows that you may not be enjoying the delay. Make her comfortable about what she’s doing by telling her to take as much time she wants and see that priceless smile on her face.

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3.“That is a really nice outfit. You have a Great Taste”.

Notice her dresses on a regular basis; whenever she wears a new dress compliment her.

4.“You are such a beautiful person and i am lucky to have you”.

Whenever you feel she’s in a romantic mood, don’t be cheesy, just say it. What better for her than her partner understanding her mood and complimenting her in such a beautiful manner.

5.“Your memories are what keeps me driving all day long”.

Say this when you are far from her, especially if you are out of place owing to some official work. This will make her feel that you are as much thinking of her as she thinks about you.


6.“I didn’t knew you were this good. I am amazed”.

You took her out to some recreational sport like bowling or any other sport. You asked her to give it a try, even if she did poorly, appreciate her. This will prove to be a morale booster for her.

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7.“You’re hilarious; your sense of humor is unbelievably good.”

Tell her this whenever she cracks a joke or tell you about some funny instance related to her life.


8.“ This was best food I’ve ever had”.

When she cooks something special for you. Food is a way of her to show that you hold a special place in her life, so do compliment the food along with a kiss on her hand. You can also compliment her food while you’re having lunch or dinner at a restaurant by simply saying, ” This may be delicious but i had better, the one you cooks for me with love as an ingredient”


9.“Your smile makes me fall in love with life again”.

Whenever she’s in a jolly mood and telling you about one or two instances of her life. In between you can stop her and tell her how her smile drives you crazy.

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10.“It’s raining. Looks like cloud too are in a bad mood”.

A rainy day and she’s mad at you, what better way to make her smile again.

11.“ I can’t imagine my life without you”

If she ever talks about what if we parted our ways.

12.“You are like a breeze of fresh air in my life”.

If she ever ask you what she mean to you.

And many more are there. You can cram all of them and tell her but what is most important is that you don’t just say them, you mean them. The truthfulness of your words make your words valuable for her not the catchiness of the phrase. So say these cute things to her and say them from core of heart. Cute wish from us!

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