Caution Boys! Don’t say these 5 things to her

Beware ! dont say these to a girl, angry girl


Beware ! dont say these to a girl, angry girl

Beware ! don’t say these to a girl

Things that Boys should not say to his Girl

Everyone is expected to know the rules of the relationship which are not written or nobody discuss. These make relationship hard and tricky to conserve. Though there is some piece of advice from the people who are either the experts or having a good relationship or people who are no longer in a relationship with and are single.

Mostly guys are ignorant in taking relationship and know to know more about how to talk to woman. The reason is woman is mostly heard of saying ‘you don’t know how to talk to a woman’. So for those ignorant dudes we have come up with these 5 advice to keep in mind and playing safe. Don’t say these to a woman-

1. You look like …

Yep we did not complete the sentence because it brings the reason to have fight with the woman. Don’t ever compare your girl with someone else. They just hate it. The tip here is address something beautiful to them as their clone but preferably not the reverse one.

Don’t ever compare her with some weird looking object, creepy creature, comedian, villain or a tribal character.

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2. You look fine..

This is another phrase to avoid. ‘Fine’ is the word girls don’t want to hear from their partner. Their ears are more prone and accustomed to listening the appreciation and words that are uber in the class.

Tip – replace the fine word from your dictionary with synonyms of elegant, captivating, enchanting, etc.

3. You Sound like my Mother


Ahh! The most used phrase in a fight with her. You sound like my mother send her the signal that she is considering you as a child which you hate. Don’t say unless she and your mother are having a harmonious relation and you used it when complimenting with the sweet voice. If this is not the case, get ready to have a tough argument here.


4. Don’t get so excited about … (any hot male celebrity)

All the men are heard many a time saying “don’t get so excited about..”. Come on guys, if she is excited about a celebrity just let her. Everyone has some favourite celebrity.  It’s in the news, radio, TV advertisement etc. she can’t help it. If you keep on saying that you will be the next thing in her hate list.

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5. How many man have you been with?


It looks fine only in some Angelina movie but in real life, it’s a big no. This question is immoral portraying a bad image of you.

How many guys were she with will not enrich and enlarge your general knowledge and would not land you on stage for an award for asking that question. But what you need to know is there is something to lose after.

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