Best:First Date Ideas Tips and Questions You need to Ask

Couples on date having food

Couples on date having food

Everything You need To know about the First Date

Have a date? Is it your first one or you already have one but things went not so well there? Are you feeling nervous? Don’t you worry, it’s not some rocket science, and everything will just go fine, provided you apply a perfect mix of your heart and brain. As to Heart part, nobody better than you to perform, brainy one, let us help you with that.

 1. Set the Activities Over which you can go on Date

Going only for a movie or a concert or some adventurous stuff on your first date? Let us be plain with you, a bad idea. See the things work like this, first dates are all about getting to know each other and if you only go for an activity devoid of conversation, it won’t be an ideal scenario for knowing each other. So what to do now? Plan a pair of things on first date like watching a movie and then having a dinner or lunch, as per the timing that suits you both. Added benefit is that after watching movie you will have something to talk about as a conversation starter.

 2. Plan for every possibility during date

Now you asked her for dinner after movie. She concurred. Voila!. Sit and relax? No, it’s not that simple. There are many things you have to plan beforehand. First ask her if she has any dietary concerns and then choose restaurant accordingly. Why Restaurant? Why not at home? Simple answer to that is your date won’t be too comfortable. Also ask her if she’ll be there by herself or you need to pick her up. Know beforehand about the restaurant, do they have parking, do you need extra cash for parking? What table you will go for? Always go for a corner one instead of a middle one, that’d be a cozy place for your conversation.

 3. Dress Yourself as per venue

What to wear on your date is a nerve wracking question to ask yourself. You don’t want to look too sexy, too dressy or too casual on your first date. You can take some clues from the restaurant or cafe you are going to visit, whether it’s an upscale one or a corner one. Dress appropriately for the venue.

4. Mobile Phone – Swich it off

You have important stuffs to do, important calls to attend, do all this stuff beforehand. A call in between your conversation could prove to be a spoiler to all the impression that you’ve made. Best you switch it off and put aside, if you can’t, keep it on silent mode.

 5. Conversation Starters

This one is a tricky thing. Most of us on our first dates got stuck on this question. How to start a conversation? What if i ask this and she replied in a yes/no? What’ll be my next question? Should i ask her about this or that? These are few of many questions that goes on in mind on a date. The trick is simply to ask an open ended question, the ones having a reply more than yes or no. Avoid asking questions on politics and religion on a first date. Be updated on current affairs, sports and music could be a good start. If you were watching movie prior to the dinner talk about it.

 6. Be a good Listener

If she says something, listen her carefully. Don’t try to cross-talk when she’s speaking, nobody likes it when the one sitting in front of you is not paying heed to what you want to say. When she is finished speaking, ask her, questions related to what she was talking about. That way she’d know that you are interested in what she’s talking about.

 7. Body Language

Body language says a lot about a person. No matter how well dressed you are, if your body language is pointing otherwise, your prospects may be rocking down as deep as Mariana trench is. Try to be as calm and composite as you can, don’t shake your hands or legs unnecessarily. At the same time be comfortable. Have an eye contact with her all the time you are conversing.

 8. Be Romantic And Flirtatious

A decent body language doesn’t means that you can’t be romantic while date. Fact is those who are more romantic have more successful dates. Tell her about what you like in her? Compliment her eyes, her hairs, and her dress. Be flirtatious with her, give her flowers. That makes her comfortable in your company.

These were things that you ought to do on your first date to make it a successful one.

Finally the key to all relationships is to make the person comfortable in your presence, the more comfortable you are, the more you get to know each other. First date not only teaches you to value a person but also to organize yourself in such a way that others can see the best of your side. Happy Dating. Wishing You Luck.


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