Best 15 Ways that Makes Man more Adorable to a Woman

girl loving girl



girl hugging her mate

Girl hugging her mate

15 Tips on How to win respect and Heart of a Girl


Women are hard to please, this is a myth. Your 1st girlfriend was a blood sucker that doesn’t mean there is no good woman. They are evil to us because we have missed many points that will banish the evil soul out of them. You just need to apply these tips to get her respect and attention. Believe me; you will become adorable to her.

1.  Write letters

Why? Because it adds personal touch and each is special as it’s your hand writing she would love. You don’t need a good hand writing to impress her. She would love your wavy curves if those are meaningful and relevant to her. Choose words that describe her best. Believe me you do no wrong when writing a love letter. If she is having bad day, let her know how much you care for her through words. Words create magic if formatted properly. Use good quality paper while noting. You can always take help from Internet. It is flooded with lovely quotes, sayings and messages etc. You just need to do some research searching the best words for her.

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 2. Send her flowers.

Flowers are beautiful and make the mood of all onlookers. Girls love flowers everyone knows. You don’t have to wait for the occasion to send her flowers. Giving flowers without an occasion have a greater impact than giving it on an occasion. It let them feel that it is not a compulsion for you and care for them even if it is not an occasion. Bouquet of fresh flowers especially if it’s her favorite will love as nothing else. If you dint believe us then you can judge that of the fact women have floral shirts, sheets, curtains, covers, pillows and the list just goes on. We adore flowers man!

 3. Serenade her

Woman falls for man who is good at singing. This is why singers have huge fan following with woman a major part of it. Your girl would love to listen from you. Woman quiver when her man put words into music. One thing to ponder –no matter how bad you are in singing , she will fall for you and adore you more for the efforts you have made to please her. If you play some instrument, viola that’s a bonus. Make use of it.

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4. Listen to her

The mostly and probably the no one complain that women have from their man is they never listen. Girls appreciate most boys with good ears. Make some genuine efforts in listening to her. If she is telling something to you and discussing any problem just listen without giving any advices and solutions. If she needs one, she will ask for it straight. It’s just the science which has proved woman likes to take out words of her mouth and feel good. If she is not talking, or words are not falling out of her mouth then beware someone is in problem. Every time when she say something, node her with a gentle eye contact.

5. Bring her lunch often

If your girl belongs to working community then surprising her with a lunch box in her office would be wonderful. Add more surprise by bringing a chocolate cake or something made of chocolate that she loves to have.

6. Take her for a beach walk

Nothing is as romantic as walking on the beach during the sunset. The calmness, serenity it brings with it can’t be expressed with words. Enjoy that time with her. Say something nice to her.

7. Respect her family

Pay gratitude her parents for raising such a wonderful girl. Next time you visit them, bring some flowers o her mom and wine for her dad. If she has siblings, buy something for them too. Behave like they are as your own family.

8. Be nice to her friends

It is the most judging group that a man faces is her friends group. They are the one who love and care for her just like you do. They want the best man for her. So be nice to her friends, they have the power to alter her mind against you. Never fall for any for her girlfriends. Next time you meet them, make sure to behave nice if you can’t then just pretend everyone is an actor in that.

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9. Appreciate her Hobbies


If she loves drawing, get her some painting stuff and accessories. Buy tickets for art exhibition. If she likes to knit, guys appreciate it. Help her in perusing her hobby. If she likes photography get her a cam and plan a trip where she can click some pictures. For ideas for appreciating, Google it and you will come up with myriad ideas. The least you can do is keeps trying.

10. Massage her

She had a tough day and she is exhausted, a back rub and foot massage is what she is wanting for. Give her that without hesitation. Just leave your man self-esteem behind. It is a good trait of a respected guy.

11. Quit bad habits

Every man wears cloak of bad habits. Just shed them off not only for her but for yourself too. This differs person to person. So find your bad habit that is a hindrance to you and for your girl and try to get rid of upto. Take help from her, she will please to help you in this case.

12. Cook For Her Now And Then

A well-known fact is- Way to man’s heart is through his stomach the same applies for women, though it is not publicized. How can a person love you with empty or half stomach? Divert her full attention towards you by cooking her some tasty dishes. If you are not a good cook no worries. There is Google for most of your problems. Pick some DIY food blog and pick a simple yet tasty recipe.

13. Losing To Her Is Good

When it comes to completion men are egoistic and will do anything for a win. She can’t dunk as many baskets and do as many push-ups as you can, so just put your ego aside and let her win.

Let her win in silly fights like choosing a restaurant, buying something for home or in a lovely fight with you.

14. Surprise her


Anything sweet that make her happy will be appreciated by her. She would love when you pop up with a bottle of champagne, get her a pet, buy her a dress of her favourite color or buy tickets for a film after work.

15. Compliment her

It doesn’t not matter how modest she is, she loves being complimented- research says. Pick her the best qualities and appreciate them by heart. Be genuine with your words.

Beside these tips; remember that hygiene is a good practice. Learn how to groom yourself well.

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