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25th December: Why We Celebrate Christmas?

Festival of Love and Blessings. Followers of every religion have their own rituals, traditions, events and ceremonies. Like Muslims celebrate two Eids in a year, Christians celebrate Christmas. 25th December is the date of birth of Jesus Christ and holiday is observed widely all over the world.

Many people celebrate it. Why we celebrate Christmas – Facts You Must Know? It is the traditional anniversary of Jesus Christ. Christians celebrate it in the memory of Jesus Christ. Christians believe that Jesus was the son of God. They have their own believes. On this auspicious day, many traditions are followed.

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Christmas had been celebrated on 6th January. Jesus was a Jew so due to this, they might had considered 25th December as the date of birth of Jesus Christ. However many scholars are unsure about the birth of Jesus Christ

Free-Wallpaper-Christmas-Tree Christians consider Christ as the light of the whole world. Actually Christians celebrate Christmas because gift of Christmas is Jesus Christ who is the son of God and He sacrificed Himself for the repair of our sins. Many traditional customs of Christmas have their origins in pagan practices. Christmas Gifts – Festival to exchange Gifts. Holiday is observed on 25th December but in some countries where Christians have majority, more than one holiday are observed.

People go out from their homes to visit shops and doing shopping. More than shipping, they enjoy each other company. As due to long holidays, people do invite family members on the dinner parties. Besides them, many other parties, ceremonies are attended by the people. People decorate their homes, offices, churches etc. People go to the churches to do worship. This day is considered as the biggest and most important day of the whole year. Traditions to Decorate House with Christmas tree: People put up many decorative things on their houses, offices, streets, societies, buildings, churches etc. Other decorative things are also used depending upon the areas, countries, societies etc. Red, green and gold are traditional colors of Christmas.

Red indicates the blood of Jesus that shed. Green represents eternal life and green tea which even doesn’t lose its leaves in winter when remaining trees lose their leaves. Magi gave three gifts to Jesus and gold was one of them. Music is another tradition. People use to play music on this event. Music depends upon the culture of people. It depends upon the societies, countries etc. Special family meal is another important part of Christmas Holidays. All family members, relatives are invited on this great dinner. All come to the response of this invitation and enjoy their time. Especial pudding is served to these family members.

Besides this, many other dishes depending upon the areas are also preferred. Chocolates and sweets are also preferred in some cultures. In northern areas, dry fruits are another option as well. Cards are indication of exchange of emotions, love, sincerity, friendship etc. Many greeting are written in the cards like Happy Christmas and Happy New year. As new-year begins after 5 days of Christmas, so people generally celebrate both of these events at the same time. Christmas is celebrated all over the world due to popularity of Christianity. According to survey, Christians are the maximum number of people in the present world. The word “Christmas” has come from the Mass of Christ. Exact time for the birth of Jesus is not known.

Different scholars have different ideas. Some thinks winter was the time. Other thinks Sukkot would be the best and proper season for the birth of Jesus. Neglecting all the controversies, our aim is to focus the mind of all people on the Christ of Christmas. World’s light has actually come.

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