8 Awesome Ways To Propose a Girl on Propose Day

Proposing a girl
Proposing a girl

Boy Proposing a girl

Some loving ways to propose a girl On Propose day

Proposing a girl for the best time? And don’t know how to propose? You are at the right place because we have collected 10 best ways to tell her that you love her and want her to be in your life. You’re going to love his believe us. Before going to the main point just remember that Girls biggest and earnest desire is the perfect proposal. Every girl has a dream to be asked for Will you be my Valentine? Let’s make it simple – I love you (The magic words).

Unfortunately boys or lack Romance and creativity in asking such important question. Guys just forget the traditional way of getting down on knees with the red rose I Hand. It’s just a cliche and boring for most of the girl. Without talking too much general let’s just start the list of ways proposing the girl on Propose day.

1. Be Yourself:

It is crucial to be yourself while proposing a girl. Do not pretend what you are not and don’t overdo it. Remember the good rule of thumb KISS- Keep It Simple stupid. When we say make it simple , it does not mean to say hello and through those three words directly. Just add your touch and be creative. She wants to hear I Love You from a guy for long time already and have played the act in her dreams a hundred time. Follow your heart and hers.


 2. Candle light Dinner:

Lot may times you have seen in films a guy proposing a girl in a candle lit dinner. It is conventional and used by many yet it never fades with time. The reason is light form burning of candles with the dark surrounding makes you the focus point for her. Melodious tune, full stomach and light of candle impacts the tender part of the brain. Propose her with some beautiful lines of saying, poem or quote.

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3. Place you met her for the first:

Take her to the place where you met her for the first time. Remind her of the past time by recreating the moments. This is good way to propose her and it will be embossed in her memory throughout life.

 4. Propose During a Movie Break

When watching a romantic movie actually generates the feel good hormones and your girl has romance in mind. During the interval propose her. This s tested and applied many ways. At this moment she is more susceptible for the propose. There are fewer chances that you will get a negative.

 5. T- Shirt Proposal

Grab a T-shirt and print her name with those three words. Don’t forget to wear a jacket and take it out at the right moment. Timing is important here. This is especially good for the guys who are stammer a lot when talking to a girl.

 7. Radio Proposal

This is for the bold and brave people. Girls like guys who are brave. Get help from a friend who knows Radio Jockey and plan everything perfect. Make sure you are with her in telephone when your proposal is on air. Tell her to get in tune with the Radio at a particular time. Choose the time when she remains free and calm.

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7. The Picnic proposal

Plan a picnic on any holiday. Make all the preparation for the big day. Make sure she is with a good mood and no worry is nagging her mind. Though, she will be as the hills, river and greenery around would make her feel relaxed and tranquil. This is one of the few best romantic ways to propose a girl. You can propose her any time of the day yet sunset creates an enchanting effects.


 8. Banner proposal

This is a great way to propose her if you are sick of being rejected. Make a Banner with her endearment name, have it displayed outside her home or workplace. However we only suggest this method when there is surety that she would accept your proposal. Make a knot- don’t write her real name.


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