15 Ways To Make Long Distance Relationship (LDR) Harmonious & Healthy



15 Best Things You can do To Make Long Distance Relationship Sweet 

“I don’t cry because we’ve been separated by distance, and for a matter of years. Why? Because for as long as we share the same sky and breathe the same air, we’re still together.” 
― Donna Lynn Hope

This is a wonderful quote which portrays the sadness of a lover living far yet showing positivity and trust and the flame of love still alive.

Relations are tough to maintain when Partners are living in different countries and cities. Family members and friends are often heart of saying that long distance relationship does not lasts. But we don’t believe in that. We agree that there is time when you feel sad and find yourself lonely but it has its own surprises too.

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If you are in a long distance relationship and guess you are as you are here, reading this post so we have some tips for you here. You can make your relationship lasting, just follow the piece of advice on how to maintain long distance relationship for lasting love.

1. Have a goal in mind

You need to ask some questions when long distance relation will be no more in distance relationship.as no couple stays long in long distance relationship, one day they have to settle down. Once you are done with the entire question then discuss with each other and follow the goals together. This will make two of you comfortable and feeling good day by day. Make goals how much time you need to settle down, what you going to do after. How you will spend your day etc.

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 2. See long distance relationship as an opportunity

Why? Because some wise person once said that “If you want t live together, you first need to learn how to live apart”. This is true. When you are in such relationship then take it as a learning opportunity. Think as this is the test of your love. And instead of thinking, this is pulling you apart just focus it will make your relationship stronger.

“I would rather be here, far from you, but feeling really close, rather than close to you but feeling really far away.” – Emma, Glee Season 4

 3. Do similar things

You are a part of your love yet doing similar things makes you feel like you are close. We mean here is watch the same film, recommend TV shows, books, music each other. When you will have a conversation on phone or any other means of communication, you have a subject to discuss about being both of you aware of it. This is a good practice. Doing such things adds more love to your relationship making it more loving.

4. Get a Good messaging App in Mobile

This is crucial because texting is the most frequent and common way to communicate when far from each other. This way you don’t actually feel apart.

 5. Communicate Creatively

Everyday greeting your partner good morning and good night is a good way to start and end the day. Try to add something new with every greeting and don’t just use the same mundane words. Send some funny images and quotes. Add some clips, videos, your image or a selfie etc. This kind of effort makes the person feel loved and appreciated.

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 6. Good to know each others Schedules

What happens when you drop a message or call when your partner is busy with the client or in a meeting? You end up with anger or worry because of no response. This is natural but we would not suggest you but what we recommend to know his/ her day schedule. It won’t create confusion between the two. Know when she is free during the day to drop the message or call.

 7. Do Thing Altogether

We have so many ways to be together not physically yet mentally and in a virtual world. Play a video game together, sing a song while having a video calling, one would play guitar and other would sing. Don’t know how to play guitar? There is Google which will direct you to online learning websites-just give it a try. Go online shopping together

 8. Show your Media Presence

When your mate uploads a picture on Instagram, Facebook or tweet the best thing you can do is to like and comment of appreciation. Be nice and a bit formal there. Don’t comment more personal publicly.

 9. Give each other Pet name

Giving your partner a pet name and using that in personal talks adds warmth to your relationship. Use names that are cute and doesn’t exhibit his /her weakness. You can use those names that are synonymous to cute, healthy, brave, and funny. You’re some possessive word before the pet name like “my cutie kitten or my brave cheetah”.

 10.Send personal gifts

No need to explain why it’s good to send gifts your partner. Sending a personalized present without a reason is a good way to strengthen your relationship.

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 11. Stay Honest with each other

“Honesty is the best policy” that we used to here since we were child right? And still holds true when two are in a relationship. Be honest with your partner. You can honestly tell the feelings of fear, insecurity, jealousy, apathy, etc. to your mate. Hiding anything will be revealed sooner or later and keeping is not a good move for a healthy relationship. Dealing things by yourself will make it worse so share it .

 12. Visit each Other

Visits your partners after a long time will be like fireworks, butterflies, rainbows and glittering bombs everywhere. It is the garnish to your delicious food. You can do all the little things like holding hands, kiss, caressing etc. So plan a visit .

 13. Talk Dirty

Sexual tension is no doubt one of the crucial  thing between couples. Sexual desire is the glue that holds the two  partners from drifting away. It’s a physical, biological and emotional need .

 14.  Avoid Excessive Communication

What if I send you messages to like our page or subscribe and fill your inbox with promotional stuff. You will liely to block me and never come back.No one likes spammy stuff right?same  holds true in long terms reltiionship.  You don’t have to communicate 18 hours a day . In love less is more. Let each others mind free , make it miss you, leave good for  the next,  It will bring quality to the next time you talk.

Excessive communications is injurious to health long distance relationship. Mind it.


15.  Stay Positive

We understand the waiting is painful; still you need to be patient and keep putting positivity to the relationship. We sometime feel lonesome and weathered yet stay focused and positive.  why? Because “fruits at the end will be sweet as heaven” (not recommended for the people with diabetes :P).

Be thankful that you have someone to love who loves you back.


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