12 Plus Secrets to Make your First Kiss Memorable

first kiss
first kiss

Couple Kissing for the first time

Know and Learn these Secrets that make First kiss Indelible

Make it or break it with the first kiss. Follow the secrets that we have revealed for you. These secrets would make your first kiss memorable; add sparks and fairy passion to it.

Before going further kindly make a note that the first kiss is not mere locking lips and doing the tongue movements but a step towards the intimacy of your partner. A first kiss can make opens doors for many ways or can end the budding romance too. Here we go:

The sexual chemistry of the kissers is predicted by the first kiss they had. It brings with us all the excitement and an inevitable moment. People forget names but never their first kiss- a fact.

Even If a person is bold and brave, the first kiss is always making him/her nervous when kissing the person who means a lot to him/her.

1. Plan Ahead

It’s true, the kiss is not planned but in case of first Kiss, it is. You need to plan and guess when the possibility of kissing is. We agree that it just came out of the blue but we definitely get a blink of hint if you have the possibility to get a kiss or not.

Only planning you need is to have ample time with each other. Is would warm you up just. Pondering: make sure no one is around as that would be enough to make it remembered in a bad way.

2. Build physical intimacy Tension

Situation must be something like if you try to kiss then she/he must also try to reciprocate it. Try to make comfortable positions for both of you. Speak in a low and soft voice that will exchange the sexual vibes and create the tension you were hunting for. Discuss how wonderful you feel with your date with the suitable reasons.


 3. Avoid all Kinds of distractions.

Distractions are curse to the first kiss. Just Imagine everything is going perfect, you are about to kiss, suddenly your phone rings. It will kill the suspense right?  So stay away from the cell phone and flush out the water in your bladder in case you are full. You should think about the moment and not anything else.

 4. Location plays a Big role

You can have your first kiss in the car, while watching a film at home or bench in a park etc. This is crucial as normally we go beyond that kiss. Make it more private. Yours or his/her place will be much suitable than a kiss at the road. You don’t want people bother you when you having a mesmerizing time right?

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 5. Hygiene

Make it kissable. If you are planning to have your kiss after a dinner, then stay away from garlic or food with onion. It lasts a fouling smell. Kiss need to be sexier and hot so eat some mint gum and sip some water. Moist lips are more kissable, mind it.

 6. Help your partner read your mind

So far if everything is going perfect and you have followed all the tips then let your partner know what’s going in your mind, reveal that you want to kiss.

You can sure that your date is comfortable with you if he/she is reciprocating to your actions. No one is so innocent here by not knowing if your partner is in a mood or not right?  Go close to the partner and get the subtle hints of affirmation.

7. Touch the partner the right way

A perfect kiss is accompanied with the perfect touching, making it cozy and comfortable. Touch and caress your partner gently on arms, back, waist and legs. Play with your fingers. Comb with love partners hair.

When you feel bold enough, get close, whisper gently in ears and then viola- make your way for the kiss

Don’t make your touching irritating and uncomfortable.


8. Take is really slow

Once you have managed to get to the point of kissing and got all the permissions, make it slow in approach adding enchantment and serenity.

Beware – don’t get carried away and get aggressive with your acts and bring out the devil from within. Feel soft lips of your partner. Wait for few seconds understanding who is taking the lower lip. Don’t get confused at this peak time of your love. You can improvise at this time though.

 9. Working with tongue

Our tongue wants to taste the kiss, it’s really naughty. But don’t let it go in immediately. Lip kiss for 40 to 50 seconds. After the approval slide a bit of your tongue inside. Wait for the reciprocity principle to work.  Then let your tongue explore the hidden secrets. Go smooth and gentle.

 10. Learn to keep your hands busy

If are already into the kiss job and what about the hands? To embrace the partner passionately, for the beginners, it’s a rule of thumb. Let your hands grab the side waist, then full waist and upper back. Later move your hands to hair and neck. With the passage of time slides your hands along her body but not on private parts (First kiss remember).

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 11. You how long a first kiss last?

Well no one measure the time for the first kiss with the stopwatch. No precise answer to that. A first kiss is measured in passionate moments that you share. It is important to know that first kiss is not just a single is but a series of kisses. Kiss your partner for some time and slowly move back just few inches away so that you can see your partner’s expressions. It is a sign that you are more in control. Your partner will love it. If your partner backs away first then you need to wait for the next kiss. Your partner coming closer again is a sign that you are doing it all right and likes how you do it.

Take breaks for 2- 3 seconds and kiss again. It will give you both time to breathe without making the mouth dry and without making your date wondering you are interested or not.

12. Vary kisses and places

You have started with the soft kiss and had the fresh kiss. Not it’s time to make variations with your kiss techniques. Go for the frequent variation with the kisses. Go for slow, then a bit fast and slow again, kiss cheeks, chin , eyes, move to lips, forehead and ear etc. have variations and puzzles your partner and let her/him guess where you going to kiss next. This will make you both more comfortable and get access to new places for the kisses.

You both will dive in a pool of sensuality and sizzling love. This will take the first kiss memorable to the last breath.

 13. Don’t get greedy

Don’t push it too hard to go beyond modesty. If the first kiss goes perfect then you would have more dates and hence more chances to go beyond. Unless you are confident your dates like where your hands are going, don’t make that move. Perfect kiss must be memorable and putting your hands in your partner’s modesty comes later just makes a note of that.

 14. Watch the signs

If your date pulls away and seems distracted, make it comfortable to them. Don’t ask the reasons for such moves. It can kill the mood of your partner. A partner with good judgment is appreciated. Stay close to your partner. You can crack some jokes related to the connection. Talk something that is soothing to ears.

If you find things aren’t working this  way and you are not getting the proper response just relax and try methods to excite your partner.

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